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Box artwork for Soldier Front.
Soldier Front
Publisher(s)NHN USA
Year released2004
LinksOfficial websiteSoldier Front ChannelSearchSearch

Soldier Front (Special Force in other versions) is an FPS that allows you to customize your character to fight in certain missions. It is made by Dragonfly Inc, and published by NHN USA. The file size is merely 240 MB. The game was intentionally designed with low requirements to allow users with lower specs able to enjoy the game.

As of February 14, the game is released in open beta phase with a few new maps and weapons to add from closed beta. Also the game may not have much in it yet, the contents will be updated as the game goes on and comes out of beta.

Soldier Front (or Special Force in other versions, commonly called SF) is a First-person shooter game developed by Dragonfly GF Co., Ltd. Special Force was first released in 2004 on July 19 in Korea, published by Neowiz. On February 14, 2007, Soldier Front came into open beta in North America on the ijji game portal.


Players can own primary weapons, secondary weapons, melee weapons, grenades, forces, character equips, special game items, and more. Weapons are usually permanent, but in some special cases, there are temporary weapons. The money in Soldier Front is called SP. You begin with 60,000 SP and choose a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and grenades as you start the game. SP can be obtained by reaching certain ranks, buying certain premium items, or after filling up the SP recharge bar, which gives you 10,000 SP, although there was an event which doubled this amount to 20,000 SP for a limited amount of time. SP can be used to purchase weapons, character equips, and repairing weapons. G Coin is premium cash for the game portal ijji. G Coin can be used to buy weapons (as an alternative to SP) and also have items exclusively available only bought in G Coin.


You can choose from many forces to use as your character. Characters can be bought with SP or GCoins (depends on character). These forces have certain equips that can boost up stats.


  • Speed
  • Special Point
  • Clan Point
  • Avoid Headshot
  • Upper Defense
  • Lower Defense


Force Cost
KSF 1000 SP
SAS 1000 SP
GSG-9 1000 SP
GIGN 1000 SP
Delta Force 1000 SP
Spetsnaz 1000 SP
SRG 9900 SP
Force Recon 9900 SP
PSU 9900 SP
Mulan 22 G Coin

All forces and prices were taken from the game.

Game Modes[edit]

There are several game modes available in the game. The rooms in Soldier Front have a max capacity of 16 people (can be less if selected by host). The host can toggle POV, spectate modes, and free join options.

Training Mode[edit]

This mode is used to practice aim. Targets are present that can stand still or move.
Weapons do not get damaged and stats are not affected in this mode.

Single Battle[edit]

The goal is to achieve the set amount of kills. You will be respawned right after you die on a random location of the map.

Team Battle[edit]

There are different modes in Team Battle that is set by the map. Red team is to accomplish the goal while blue team is to prevent red team for accomplishing the task. Red wins by accomplishing the task or killing all of the players on the blue team. Blue team wins by killing everyone on the red team and preventing the task from succeeding.
The Blast Operation[edit]
Red team is to set a bomb in one of the two bomb locations of the map.
It takes 5 seconds to plant a bomb, and 7 seconds to defuse a bomb. After the bomb is set, it will blow up in 35 seconds.
The Capturing Operation[edit]
Red team is to get the target item and get it back to their base.
The Flee Operation[edit]
Any member from the red team must get to the target location.
The Dual Operation[edit]
This mode is similar to the capturing operation, except both teams must capture the target item and return it to the opponent's base.

Clan Battle[edit]

This mode is similar to team battle, except members of one clan face against another. Wins are set to 5 wins, spectate team, POV off, and free join off. Scrimming (5 v 5 clan battle) is commonly played in the clan war channel (channel 13) where clan battles are the only modes playable.
All team battle maps are available for this mode.

Team Death Match[edit]

Each team must score a total amount of points of 100. Each kill is worth 2 points, and 1 extra point is given for every headshot, grenade, knife, and double kill. Multi kill gives 2 extra points, and special force gives 3 extra points.

CTC (Capture the Captain)[edit]

One player of each team is selected to be a captain. This player will have a huge head with 1000 HP. The objective is to kill the opponent's captain. You are respawned right after if you die.
All team battle maps are available for this mode.

Captain Mode[edit]

Similar to CTC, except all players on each team are captains. The objective is to eliminate all captains on the other team. The players' HP are divided between 4000 HP.
All team battle maps are available for this mode.

Sniper Mode[edit]

You can only use snipers in this mode. The objective is to kill all players on the other team.

Horror Mode[edit]

There are three different zombies in this mode: Host Zombie (1500 HP), Male Zombie (200 HP), and Female Zombie (200 HP). As the round starts, 1 in 4 of the players become Host Zombies, while the rest of the players have 250 HP. The zombies are to infect everyone, and the players are to try and stay alive. Zombies respawn after they die. If a player is infected or a Host Zombie is killed, they respawn as a Male or Female Zombie.Zombies have certain abilities including Super Speed, Super Jump, Self Bomb, Smoke, and Search.


The following maps can be played for each of the game modes.

The Blast Operation The Capturing Operation The Flee Operation The Dual Operation Team Death Match Sniper Mode Horror Mode
  • Missile
  • Train
  • Desert Camp
  • Satellite
  • Plasma
  • Nighthawk
  • Bunkerbuster
  • Predator B
  • KF815
  • Nuclear
  • Harbor
  • Hospital
  • EMP
  • Nerve Gas
  • Village
  • Shanghai
  • Venezia
  • Bridge
  • Neo Shanghai
  • Kinabalu
  • Canyon
  • Fortress
  • Factory
  • Desert Camp
  • Nighthawk
  • Silo
  • Base Camp
  • Toy Tower
  • Art Center
  • Horror Shanghai
  • Horror Nerve Gas
  • Horror Plasma


Weapons in the game are permanent, rather than temporary. In some event cases, weapons may be temporary. Overtime, weapons will become damaged due to the amount of use. Repair is necessary for the best performance of the gun.

All weapons and prices were taken from the game.

Primary Weapons[edit]


Rifle Cost
MP5 20,000 SP
M4A1 22,500 SP
G36C 23,000 SP
P90 25,000 SP
Steyr_AUG 25,000 SP
K1 29,000 SP
M16A2 30,000 SP
MP7A1 32,000 SP / 67 G Coin
AK74 33,000 SP
K2 35,000 SP
AUG A3 42,000 SP / 90 G Coin
EVL_AUG 43,000 SP / 93 G Coin
SIG551 45,000 SP
TYPE89 48,000 SP / 98 G Coin
SCAR-H 50,000 SP / 105 G Coin
EVL_AK103 50,000 SP / 105 G Coin
K7 52,000 SP / 110 G Coin
GALIL 53,000 SP / 110 G Coin
UZI 53,000 SP / 110 G Coin
BLACK AK47s 54,000 SP / 113 G Coin
AN94 55,000 SP
MAC-10 55,000 SP / 115 G Coin
G3A3 55,000 SP / 115 G Coin
TIGER GALIL 55,000 SP / 115 G Coin
FA-MAS 58,000 SP / 120 G Coin
EVL_MP5* Supply Crate
Dragon M4A1* Event

*These guns are no longer available to purchase.


Sniper Cost
PSG-1 20,000 SP
FRF2 33,000 SP
M110 SASS 46,000 SP / 99 G Coin
AWP 54,000 SP / 113 G Coin
Cheytac M200 54,000 SP / 113 G Coin
Dragonuv 56,000 SP / 120 G Coin
Tango-51 65,000 SP / 123 G Coin
WA2000 75,000 SP / 135 G Coin
KAR 98K 55,000 SP / 115 G Coin
DSR-1 46,000 SP / 120 G Coin
M14 EBR 38,000 SP / 120 G Coin

Machine Guns[edit]

Machine Gun Cost
MG36 21,000 SP
M249 56,000 SP
Gatling Gun Weapon Bomb

Secondary Weapons[edit]


Pistol Cost
Glock23 15,000 SP
Beretta M92F 16,000 SP
Colt 45 19,000 SP
MR73 20,000 SP
Compact M945 28,000 SP / 60 G Coin
Desert Eagle 45,000 SP / 95 G Coin
Double MK23 52,000 SP / 110 G Coin
Ltd Beretta M92F 56,000 SP / 118 G Coin


Shotgun Cost
Benelli M1 38,000 SP
Remmington M870 43,000 SP
Desperado 39,000 SP / 84 G Coin


Grenade Cost Duration
Knife Free Permanent
Hatchet 59 G Coin 30 Day

Weapon Bombs[edit]

There are modified versions of guns in the game that have certain skins or special guns. These guns have no or close to no difference from the original version of the gun. Weapon bombs cost 29 G Coin each, but buying 11 piece weapon bomb costs only 290 G Coins. Upon opening a weapon bomb, you will have a chance to receive the weapon or 1 day item and up to 1,000,000 SP.

No Skin Gold Alcad Engraving Camo Cutie Devil Dragon Horror EVL
  • Gatling Gun
  • Gold AK47S
  • Gold UZI*
  • Gold M4A1
  • Gold AN94
  • Gold SCAR-H
  • Gold Cheytac M200
  • Gold Galil
  • Gold MG36
  • Gold PSG-1
  • Alcad M4A1
  • Alcad AK74
  • Engraving PSG-1
  • Engraving AK74
  • Camo AK74
  • Camo M4A1
  • Cutie M4A1
  • Devil UZI
  • Dragon PSG-1
  • Dragon M4A1
  • Horror TAR-21
  • EVL M16A2*

*These guns are no longer available to purchase.

National Tournament[edit]

Each year around September, a tournament is hosted by ijji for the search of the top clan. Clans must register and have valid proof of a passport in order to compete. The winning clan is then sent to the world tournament location (different each year).

In 2010, the prizes for getting into the top 3 included Dell netbooks, iPod Nanos, SP, and G Coin. The Special Force World Championships were held at South Korea where competing clans from other countries battled for victory.

The following shows the clans sent to the world championships to represent USA.

Year Winning Clan World Championships Place
2007 Delirium 4th
2008 Confound 7th
2009 Confound 4th
2010 Confound 8th
2011 Optimal 3rd
2012 WLAG 7th


US West Server[edit]

There was originally three servers located in the west side of the US. As of now, there is only one west server and two other servers.

US East Server[edit]

In the April update of 2009, Soldier Front received the eastern server for players located on the eastern side of the US/Canada.

European Server[edit]

In the October update of 2007, Soldier Front received the European server for all players located in Europe. This has resolved latency issues for European players.

Graphics Update[edit]

Due to the games age, weapons were starting to look very unrealistic compared to modern day FPS games. In September 2010, Soldier Front finally received the graphics update, which renewed the looks of many weapons to be more realistic. The lobby received an entirely sleeker look. Kill icons were also updated to have a more clean look.

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