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Stage 21[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage21.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden21.gif

Head left and take out one of the brown blocks in the top row to trap monsters that come out of the top mirror. Walk off the edge and drop all the way down. Climb up to the second row of blocks (beginning with the three brown ones and take them out (standing on the white blocks). Salamanders will be coming out of the bottom mirror so time it to give yourself time to move. Go back left putting blocks beneath you so that you can walk left and blocks behind you to stop the salamanders reaching you.

There will be some salamanders on the bottom level but soon they will disappear. When gone, drop down and run to the right. Put a block under the door and start to climb up (dropping the first blue flame to the bottom). Then it is an easy matter to jump the flame on the white block (after you shorten it of course), get the key, re-jump the flame and exit.

Stage 22[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage22.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden22.gif

Move to stand under the bottom white block that is second from the right. Then build a staircase right and up until you are in between the white staircases. When you reach the first white block jump up and place a block to the right and also place one to your left (to keep you safe from spark balls). When the spark ball has gone away, proceed up and right. When you are directly beneath the two white blocks the green dragon is walking on, make a walking path to the right and head right. Turn around and take out the walking block behind you. You should now be on a single brown block and safe. Salamanders will be coming out of the windows now and falling down from where the green dragon is walking. You have to time it to jump up and put a block next to the white block that the green dragon is walking on. The green dragon will walk onto it and you can then destroy it thereby killing the green dragon. You have to time it to be careful to avoid letting salamanders walk onto your block and then fall down on top of you!

Once the green dragon is gone, get up to the two white blocks and then climb up again twice so that you end up standing on a block and are directly to the right of the right hand window. Build a walking path and head left, but take out the blocks behind you under the windows so that the salamanders don't get you.

Get the secret green jar and crown. Then go back and put blocks under the windows so that the salamanders follow you. Head left. Take out the walking block to jump directly down on the bell and then head left and fall down to the bottom. Try not to get the hourglass timer on the way down. Then its an easy matter to climb up to the key and door in safety. Note that you can cast a spell on the key to get to a secret level. If you want to do this go up the staircase where the door is and around the top to get in a position to cast a spell on the key.

Hidden 4[edit]

Solomon's Key StageH4.gif
Solomon's Key HiddenH4.gif

Head to the left and then up. Move to the right and take out the block holding up the flame letting it fall down to your left. You can drop it all the way to the bottom. Then head right and put a block under the mirror. Drop down and head right. Let the spark ball out and prevent it from returning to the key/door area by trapping it in the left bottom part of the level.

Then go right and up. Put a block under the mirror and head back right and up. Walk left across the gap where the mirror is (standing on the block you just created under the mirror). Drop the three vertical brown blocks so that the flame falls right to the bottom. Head right and up to where the ghosts are. Go to the far left jumping the ghosts as necessary.

The rest is easy: head down, right past the mirror, up and right (underneath the ghosts), then down, left and down to the exit.

Stage 23[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage23.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden23.gif

This is the first level to have Earth Mages (and they are dangerous). Just get up and out. You should be able to build blocks and jump up fast enough so that the gargoyles' fireballs are no threat.

Stage 24[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage24.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden24.gif

Quickly move left, then turnaround and build a block to your right. Jump up. When the fast-moving spark ball is in the very bottom-right corner, build a block to the right. This will trap the spark ball in the small space.

Then run left, jump onto the three brown blocks, destroy the left-most of those blocks and jump down, heading left to get the key. Once you have the key go back right. Build a block under the first brown block you come to, jump up and destroy the brown block above and move onto the block you created. Move to the right and build blocks to trap the spark ball to the right. Release the next spark ball to the left and also time it to trap that spark ball to the right.

By this time slimes will be heading towards you. If you are fast enough, you can go for the extra life and then get out (avoiding the final spark ball). Or you can just get out (avoiding the spark ball). There is no set way for doing this level. Trial and error, and patience, are the keys.

Stage 25[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage25.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden25.gif

Head to the right. Just to the right of the brown block above, put a block on the ground and jump up. Put another to the right and jump up. And again. You need to time it to avoid the panel monster's fireballs. You should now be standing on a block just above the panel monster's head. Put a block to the left and jump up.

You should now be on the same level as the goblin, and standing on a brown block. There is a gap between the block you are standing on and the brown block that the goblin will walk on. Go to the left edge of your block. Demonheads will come towards you and fall down the gap without hurting you. Wait until the goblin is standing on his brown block and then destroy that block to kill the goblin. Time it to jump to the white blocks and head left (leaping the demonheads).

Use the same mechanism to kill the next two goblins, get the key and exit. All this level requires is a good ability to jump the demonheads.

Stage 26[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage26.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden26.gif

This level has no monsters. You can't build blocks on the bat-like insignia (called Devil's Emblems).

Immediately you begin this level you should be able to jump up and get the key. Do so. Then as you fall directly down, try to build blocks in some of the empty spaces (i.e. spaces without a "bat" symbol) as you fall. It is crucial that you put a block underneath the stack of 4 vertical bats just to the right of the door. If you don't manage this it is not a disaster but you will need to work your way up to put one there (and in doing so fall to the bottom, where you will need to work your way up again).

Once at the bottom, head right and jump up to build a block one level up and three spaces in from the right. Then head back left. At the first open space put another block and jump up. Then jump up and put another block to the left. Drop back down to the bottom and head left. Three spaces from the end jump up. Creeping to the far left of the block you are standing on create a block two spaces to the left and one up. Then jump onto that block. For the sake of clarity, this is called a "bat jump".

Bat jumps are the key to this level. It's not that hard. You now need to head right (do make sure you manage to put a block to the right of the left-hand mirror as you pass by) until you get to the far right of the screen. Then head up the right-hand side, then left across the top third of the screen to the far left of the screen. Finally head right across the top of the screen to the exit. Once you get the hang of it, this level is easy as there is only one true way through and if you are standing on a block it will be obvious where you need to go next (as there will be only one move available to you). It usually involves a "bat jump".

Stage 27[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage27.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden27.gif

This is one of the classic, "go around twice before you can exit" levels.

Immediately jump down to the right and fall down between the two white blocks to the right of where the key is. Quick because monsters are right behind you. Destroy the blocks to get to the bottom of the screen. Head right. Then build up and left until you are standing on the brown block and under the white block directly to the right of where the right-side monsters are falling down. Face left and the blue jewel is immediately to your left. Time it to put a block in the ground to your left, walk across as far as you can go (getting the jewel in the process) and then immediately turn around and put a block where the jewel was. Now the falling monsters are trapped between the two white blocks. Get the key and then do the same thing to trap the left-side falling monsters between the two white blocks. I'll call this the "monster crossing".

Head left until you are standing on the four vertical white blocks. Jump down, avoiding the flame. Then jump up and put a block directly above the flame. Drop to the bottom of the screen and head right. Head up and re-do the "monster crossing". This time when you are standing on the four vertical blocks you can jump onto the block you created above the flame and head left. Time it to kill the gargoyle by removing the brown block when he is standing on it. Then work your way up and across to the right to the exit, avoiding the ghost and the falling monsters. A bat jump may be necessary.

Stage 28[edit]

Bonus Stage