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Stage 29[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage29.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden29.gif

Immediately place a block to your left. When the spark ball has climbed to the top of the block, destroy it. Run left and jump over the second spark ball coming towards you.

The next step is to make a 2 block wide staircase up the right hand side, as all of the spark balls will come down the left wall. Be sure not to be standing on any blocks above the chimera when it approaches. Get the key, jump over the wyvern and any other spark balls, and get out.

Stage 30[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage30.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden30.gif

This is the "bug" room. It has a "bug" that lets you exit easily. Some choose to take advantage of the bug because dealing with Earth Mages is fraught with danger. If not for the "bug" this could be a really hard level.

Make your way down so that you fall to the bottom of the level on the right side of the vertical white blocks. An Earth Mage will follow you. When you are at the bottom, head left building blocks behind you until you are standing directly to the right of the bottom-most vertical white block. The Earth Mage should be standing one level above you, and walking towards you on the blocks you created. If not, you need to run away and re-create it so that this is the case.

Now face left, bend down and continually try to create a block left and underneath you.

For some reason the Earth Mage will approach you, create a block on the space you are occupying, and the game will send you out the exit and on to the next level!

Stage 31[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage31.gif

This is the last level that you can "continue" from. When you use up your lives on levels above this, the game does not give you the option to continue any more.

Head left, get the key and climb up. You can cast a spell on the key to go to a secret room if you want.

The following takes speed and timing. Go up the left, avoid the ghosts and jump up to get the bell. Eventually you will be standing on the first white block. Build a block in the floor to the next white block and then walk right until you are under the jewel. You can jump up to let ghosts pass underneath you (in both directions). The idea is to let a ghost pass underneath you heading left. Then once you have fallen back down put a block to your left or right for a ghost to destroy and turnaround. Timing is crucial but you should (after a few attempts be able to get it so that both ghosts are moving in the same direction very close to each other (if not touching each other). Now they are much easier to deal with!

Time it based on the position of the ghosts and the salamanders falling from above but then head right (building blocks in the floor) until you are under the green jar. Jump up to let the ghosts and/or salamanders pass underneath. Cast spells when in mid air to prolong your "hang time" if necessary.

You will note that if you face left the salamanders come out of the window and go left. If you are facing right, they go right. So look left to send the salamander left, time it with the ghosts and then hurry to the right.

Climb up and left until you get to the window. Then jump down and run across the white blocks to get to the exit, jumping the ghosts and timing it with the salamanders.

Hidden 5[edit]

Solomon's Key StageH5.gif
Solomon's Key HiddenH5.gif

Take out the brown block directly under the key and one level up from the bottom. Then make your way up the left hand side until you get close to the top. Kill the gargoyle by taking out a block that it is standing on.

Go back down the left and make your way up the right side, again killing the gargoyle. Then walk across to the door. To get the key you need to jump down. You need to time it to avoid the ghosts as you fall to the bottom. Some quick creating and destroying of blocks may be required to suspend yourself in midair as you fall (and so avoid ghosts). Once at the bottom, choose to make your way back up either left or right.

Some monsters may come out of the mirrors, but they are predictable in movement and you should have the experience (having gotten this far) to easily avoid them.

Stage 32[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage32.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden32.gif

Immediately take out a block (any block) in the floor you are standing on, then quickly head left and fall down. Make your way right and then up the right side and then across to the exit. You will need to do a "bat jump" to get across the section where the monsters are falling down from the windows.

Stage 33[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage33.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden33.gif

This one is not too difficult but you have to be quick or you will run out of time.

Head left and drop down (getting the jewel). Left and drop down again. Left and drop down again then right and drop down. You should now be at the bottom. Head left, put a block on the ground under the jewel. Get on it and jump up to get the jewel. Keep going left. Climb up the left side making sure you get the green jar to extend your time. Then go right across the bottom row of white blocks (jumping up to get the jewels above you as you go). When you get to the middle, and a jewel prevents you from putting a block in the floor, put a block over the jewel and go over it. Then head right and fall down getting the next jewel. Head right, put a block on the ground under the jewel. Get on it and jump up to get the jewel. Go right and make your way up to the bottom row of white blocks. All this time you should be avoiding demonheads which are predictable in their movements.

Now go left across that row (jumping up to get the jewels above you as you go). When you get to the middle go up to the next level of white blocks and go right (jumping up to get the jewels above you as you go). Then up and left back to the middle, then up and right, then up and left to get the key.

Now get back to the middle, get the star bonus near the top by the door, then go left and down, left and down (getting the jewels on the way) until you are standing on the second from bottom row of white blocks. Then go left across that row (jumping up to get the jewels above you as you go). Then up and right back to the middle, then up and left, then up and right to exit.

Stage 34[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage34.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden34.gif

Walk left and fall down to the bottom. Walk right under the first panel monster. Put two blocks (one on top of each other) next to the second panel monster on the floor. When the panel monster in the ceiling destroys the top block, jump on the other block, build a block to the left and jump up on that. Let the ceiling panel monster destroy your other block. Let the spark ball pass underneath you (it will move to the left).

Time it to make a block in the floor to the right, walk right and jump over the second panel monster on the floor, landing on the floor underneath the gargoyle. Stand directly under the gargoyle. Now build left and get up. Then build right and get up. Put a block in the floor to your left and then stand on it. Now time it to put another block in the floor to your left directly above the panel monster on the floor, stand on it and then jump up to put a block to the left of the white block the gargoyle is standing on. When you drop back to your brown block quickly head right before the panel monster destroys the block you are standing on. Now it is an easy matter to time it to destroy the gargoyle (by headbutting and therefore destroying the brown block when he is standing on it) and building up to get the key. Make your way right and time it to avoid the floor and ceiling panel monster fireballs and jump down to the right so that you end up under the far right floor panel monster. Be wary of where the spark ball is at this stage so that you can avoid it. Then head right and climb up to the exit.

Stage 35[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage35.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden35.gif

Head left and take out the last brown block before the mirror. Drop down and take out the brown block underneath. Then go get the sphinx bonus. Head straight up and get back onto the brown blocks. Take out a block to your right to stop demonheads getting to you from the right mirror. Head left. Time it to replace the block in the floor, fireball the chimera and jump down the left side. Run for the exit.

Stage 36[edit]

Bonus Stage