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Stage 5[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage5.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden5.gif

This is a power-up level, but takes a bit of cheating.

Quickly walk to the end of the white blocks and time it so that you jump down and avoid the spark balls. The blue jar can be changed into a scroll. Do so. Get it. Get the bell. Make your way up the left side of the level, sending spark balls away (by destroying the blocks they are circling). Time it right to send them where you want them to go. Or if they are circling white blocks, create a brown block to capture them and then destroy that brown block to send them away.

Goblins should fall down from the mirrors. Kill the left one by building a block for it to walk on and then destroying that block so that it falls down. When you go to the key, cast a spell on it before you get it to change it to the key that will send you to the secret level. Then get it. Go and get the secret bell.

Then if you want to power-up, let yourself die. Repeat the above until you get 7 scrolls (i.e. your scroll can hold 7 fireballs). You can get the 8th scroll (8 is the max.) on the next secret level. Then repeat the process by turning the blue jar into super fireballs. At the end of the process you should have a scroll that contains up to 7 super fireballs. Brilliant! Then exit.

This is a valid cheat because when you use up all your lives and the game is over, you simply "continue" the game, which continues from where you left off. This is a bit sneaky but if the game-makers wanted to avoid this "tick" they wouldn't have allowed "continues" would they?

Hidden 1[edit]

Solomon's Key StageH1.gif
Solomon's Key HiddenH1.gif

Get out as fast as you can, but take note of the hidden bell and scroll.

To avoid the wyverns, build blocks in front of them (which they will destroy), thereby turning them around and giving you time to run.

Jump over the goblin when he runs at you and/or build blocks in front of him to slow him down.

Stage 6[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage6.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden6.gif

Let the ghosts come to you and turn around. Then quickly start building blocks at the level of the bottom ghost and walk to the right. Watch out for a demonhead that falls down behind you (destroy one of the blocks behind you once you have gotten past the mirror). The bottom ghost will destroy the blocks you create but is slow and you can let him do this whilst you keep moving right until you make it to the key. Get it. Then start going upwards (avoiding the other ghost of course). Get the bell and the fairy and build blocks and walk to the right. You can then jump and fall down to the door.

Stage 7[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage7.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden7.gif

Quickly build a block to your left. Jump onto the white blocks. Put a block next to the one that has the flame on it. Then jump down and put another block to the right of the one you just created. Now you are safe and the demonheads can't get you. Go to the left and get the secret bell and fairy. Then climb up to get the key. Then exit.

If you are keen, once you have the key, work your way left whilst on the same level of the mirrors (destroy the block under the right side mirror once you are past it and the demonheads that come out of that mirror will drop down and so can't get you). Once you have gotten to the left hand mirror, get the crown and secret bell by timing your jump when the gargoyle is facing the other way and then drop down to the exit.

Watch out for slimes that come out of the left mirror. But they are slow and not much of a threat if you lure them away.

Stage 8[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage8.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden8.gif

No comment on this level.

The spark balls are slow moving and, if you keep your wits about you, it should be easy to avoid them or send them away allowing you to get the key and get out. There are multiple ways of doing this level but I generally try to go up the right hand side, move left and across just under the level of the gargoyle (kill him by taking out a block that he is standing on), get the bell and then drop down onto the key before heading right and exiting.

Stage 9[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage9.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden9.gif

This looks tricky but isn't so bad once you know how. Move to the centre and stand just to the left of where the nuels are going up and down, so that you are directly under the left column of white blocks. When one nuel is at the very bottom, put a block above him so that he will hit it and turn around. Keep on doing this so that he effectively stays where he is. The idea is to keep him there until the other nuel comes down to meet him. Once the two nuels are almost side by side let them go. They then continue to move up and down but very close to each other (and so are easier to watch and deal with).

Then do the same with the horizontal moving ghosts. Move up the left hand side and get it so that both pairs of ghosts are effectively moving horizontally, but next to each other.

Trial and error will be the key here.

Then go right to the top and stand on the top left white block. Hopefully you will be able to time it so that when the two nuels are above you, you can jump and fall down the middle to get the key, avoiding the horizontal moving ghosts as well. Then get out.

Stage 10[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage10.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden10.gif

There is nothing special about this level. It's just a matter of being quick and avoiding the salamanders and slimes that come to get you. Make sure you create areas where the salamanders fall down before they can get to you. There are multiple ways to finish this level.

If you are short of a super fireball, you can change the jewel to the left of the key into one.

Stage 11[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage11.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden11.gif

Get rid of the spark ball to your left by destroying the block when the spark ball is on the bottom of the block. Then build a block to stand on, jump over the panel monster (time it so you don't get burnt by his fireballs) and get the green jar. Create another block and jump back over the panel monster.

Now a fast spark ball is coming. Move to the right, let the spark ball go past you and then trap it to the right of you by creating a strategically placed block.

Then build a staircase so that you can get across the gap where the mirror is. To do this you have to put a block directly under the mirror and directly above the panel monster and then hurry across that gap. Once across, make your way up and across the five white blocks (jumping over any spark balls that may be around).

Jump down from those white blocks and put a block just above the key. You should be able to carefully time it so that three spark balls get trapped in the tiny space just to the left of the block you have created.

Then you only have to deal with one spark ball. Go to the right. Let it out. When it has gone, get the key and exit.

Stage 12[edit]

Bonus Stage