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Stage 25[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage25.gif

Time is limited in this board, so your best bet is to build a column directly up the middle. Be sure to maintain the gap on either side to prevent any of the monsters from getting you.

However, if you want the goodies, try this:

  1. Start by ascending up one side, collecting the items along the way.
  2. Once you reach the top, create a drain directly below the generator
  3. Drop down and do the same with the other side.
  4. Make your way toward the center finish the board.

Stage 26[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage26.gif

Be careful of your time. Move quickly.

  1. Create Skull Jail using the edge of the upper deck. Build two blocks against the wall, just under the gray blocks. Do the same for both sides.
  2. Wait until the bottom clears and retrieve the items.
  3. Create two more jails using the left and right sides of the lower deck. For each side, build a floor between the gray blocks, but one level below. Punch a drain above the second jail to allow the Skulls to begin falling in.
  4. Under each generator, you should now have two jails. This will catch the Skulls regardless if they fall to the right or to the left.
  5. Avoid disturbing the jails and complete the board

Stage 27[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage27.gif
  1. Jump immediately.
  2. Trap carefully.

Stage 28[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage28.gif

This board will use a lot of time. Move quickly.

  1. Place blocks under both mirrors, beginning with left side. This will allow you to hop across later.
  2. Release and trap Sparkie
  3. Climb up the right side and traverse across the top. Expect to do this twice.
  4. Descend down the left side
  5. Be careful when dropping the flames (not shown).

Stage 29[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage29.gif
  • Build a bridge straight across
  • Leave holes to drain the Demon-heads
  • Use blocking to fend off the Ghost(s) and pick up the key
  • Continue across to the exit

Stage 30[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage30.gif

This stage requires speed. You must clear the jems in order to build blocks and traverse from one side to the other.

  • Fall to the left side and get the 1-up.
  • Ascend up the first level and make your way to the middle.
  • Ascend up the next level and make your way to the side.
  • Repeat until you get the key and the path to the exit.

Stage 31[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage31.gif
  1. Climb up the right side.
  2. Destroy a block next to the lowest of the three blue flames. This will create skull jail.
  3. Continue up to get the key.
  4. On your way back down, adjust your blocking so the skulls are diverted into jail.
  5. Drop the other blue flames out of your way and make your way to the left side. Avoid using the floor because you may not be able to get past the dropped flames.
  6. Ascend the left side and exit.

Stage 32[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Stage32.gif

Very hard to not advance through this board. At most it will cost you one life. However, if you want to be greedy:

  1. Dispatch the Gargoyle on the left side.
    • Leap off your starting block and land on the gray block to the right of the Gargoyle's perch.
    • Build two blocks is quick succession: one to block the incoming fire from the left Gargoyle, and the second to cover the gap between the perch and the block you landed on.
    • While avoiding the incoming fire from the right Gargoyle, drop the left Gargoyle as soon as you can.
  2. Drop onto the single lone gray block near the lower left corner. DO NOT fall anywhere below the lone gray block or you will be stuck in a bad way.
  3. Build a bridge toward the center, safely covering the blue flame. If you do not cover the left-most flame, you will not be able to get back above.