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Hidden Room[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Hidden.gif

The location of the items in the hidden room change every time, but it appears that there is a consistent number of them in every board. There are many score increasing items (like the coins and broaches), but that isn't the fun part of the bonus room. The following is an inventory of the item that you really want to look for:

  • (1) additional fairy bell
  • (2) blue diamond
  • (1) orange diamond
  • (1) orange hourglass
  • (1) 1/2 gray bottle

Room of Space[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Space.gif

As soon as you collect the key, the three blocks above you become breakable. Smash them and collect the Page of Space before leaving.

Room of Time[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Time.gif

The block above the Page of Time can be destroyed. However, in order to make an escape, you have to cast the block spell on the open door (it would click as if it was ineffective, but it was effective) once before the bottom block of the triangle becomes breakable. Destroy the bottom block before grabbing the page from above, then leave.

Princess Room (PRINSESS)[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Princess.gif
  1. Break the five blocks in the same row with the fire on the right.
  2. Make the fire small, drop it, and return to the top.
  3. Remove the left fire with the same method, and the lowest block in the leftmost row and the block next to that become breakable. Go through that.
  4. Break the leftmost block of the ceiling of the princess' jail, then hit the princess once.
  5. The left side of jail can be broken now. Touch the princess to clear the stage.

Solomon's Key (SOLOMON)[edit]

Solomon's Key NES Solomon.gif

You will lose all fireballs upon entering this very last room.

  1. Hop over the fire-breathing Dragon, and break the upper block in the middle.
  2. While dodging the Ghost, break the leftmost block below him.
  3. Dodge the Goblin and the Panel Monster, and reach the bottom floor.
  4. Move to the right section of the bottom floor. You may need to guide the spark balls away before moving on. If you do, remember to guide them away when coming back.
  5. While dodging the Gargoyle and the second Panel Monster's fireballs, try to break the block below the right mirror.
  6. First hit the mirror once, then break the block on the right of Solomon's Key.
  7. A last hit on Solomon's Key will grant you the ending.