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Seaside Hill is the first stage that Team Sonic completes in story mode.

Main Mission[edit]


Head for Whale Island!


As Sonic, run straight ahead, collecting Rings. Switch to Knuckles as you approach the bounce platform and try and pass through the three rainbow rings. Continue on, using Power Formation to try and collect the spread-out Rings. Enter the Dash Panel to go to the next island.

On this island, hit the checkpoint to level up a character. Switch to Power Formation and collect more rings before using a Dash Ramp to go through a Loop-de-loop. Switch to Speed Formation, and do a light dash to collect the string of rings. Switch to Fly formation and fly up to the ledge, then hit the bounce platform. Dodge the robot and then fly into the circle in the air, which propels you across to the other side. Switch to Power Formation, collect the rings, and jump to get the balloon, which contains a Level-Up. Bounce up twice, and break the cage to get a key. Continue up and attack the enemies with Knuckles. Break the blocks and keep going on to the Dash Ramps. Use Sonic's Light Dash when you reach the chain of rings, and he will also hit the checkpoint and level up. Use the Dash Ramp to go through another Loop-de-Loop, which leads to the Dash Ramp to the next Island.

Use Sonic's Homing Attack to defeat the enemies, then enter the Cannon. After you are launched, jump and use a series of Homing Attacks on the floating robots to reach a balloon, which has a Level-Up. Switch to Fly Formation and use Tails's Thunder Shoot to defeat the flying robot. Fly up, jump into a propeller ring, and you will be launched into a Bobsled. Here, try and get Rings when possible, but definitely focus on getting the balloons. Defeat the robot with a Thunder Shoot attack and enter the Dash Ramp to the next island.

Activate the checkpoint, with the lowest level character if possible, and bounce up to the next platform. Defeat the robots, then use tails to fly up to the bounce platform, which sends you through a propeller ring. Defeat the enemies (Homing Attack is recommended), then fly into the propeller ring. Switch to Power Formation and use Knuckles to defeat the robots and break the blocks. Take the dash ramp to a propeller ring, then enter the next dash ramp and activate the checkpoint. Use light dash on the chain of rings, then enter the dash ramp that leads to the next island.

Use Homing Attack or Thunder Shoot to defeat the robots, then switch to Fly Formation and fly up to the next platform. You may want to use the Team Blast in the next section to save time, but if not, use Homing Attack to defeat the enemies. Hit the bounce platform to go up, then continue on to the next dash ramp and loop-de-loop. Use Knuckles to quickly defeat the enemies and destroy the blocks in the next section. Hit the Dash Ramp and attack the cluster of robots in the next room. Switch to Speed and you will be taken through a series of Bounce Platforms and propeller rings to a checkpoint. There is another bobsled, but still no dangerous obstacles in its path. Use a dash ramp to go up another loop-de-loop, and continue on to another cluster of enemies. This is another good place to use your Team Blast, though they can also be defeated by Knuckles easily. Use a dash ramp to go through another loop-de-loop, which contains many Rings. Hit another Dash Ramp and you will be launched into a bumper which takes you to the final island.

As you land on the island, you will pass through a balloon that fills your Team Blast meter. Use a Team Blast to defeat this set of robots. Do not worry about breaking about the boxes, as they are all empty. Jump down a hole in the grass and you will receive a 1-Up before being returned to the course. Grab the Goal Ring and finish the level.


  • A: 60,000 points or more
  • B: 55,000-59,999 points
  • C: 50,000-54,999 points
  • D:45,000-49,999 points
  • E: Fewer than 45,000 points

Bonus Mission[edit]


Get to the Goal Ring within 5 minutes.


Follow the path outlined above, though you may want to ignore some enemies and spend more time in Speed Formation. Five minutes is a pretty generous amount of time though, so you don't have to rush too much. There are five checkpoints, so try to reach each one in under a minute. You will want to defeat some enemies for a higher score, and a Team Blast is an efficient way to do this, since it stops the clock during its use. If you just keep moving and ignore one or two unnecessary things (like the 1-Up at the end), you should reach the Goal Ring in time.


  • A: 50,000 points or more
  • B: 45,000-49,999 points
  • C: 40,000-44,999 points
  • D: 32,000-39,999 points
  • E: Fewer than 32,000 points

Super Hard[edit]


The path to the whale island is harder with dangerous hazards in the way. To avoid them during bobsled rides, slow down the speed and turn to dodge them. At the south side after blasting with the cannon to the tall pillars, dodge the spike balls and only hit the balloons while falling. When you reach the bottom, switch to tails and fly to the other side of the area. Destroy the robots to advance and when you reach the area with ruins, destroy the helicopter robots and fly to the edge of the path to the 3 loop area. The path before the giant loop has a pillar on the center of the ramp to split up paths side by side, so go on the left or the right side with speed.