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Sonic labyrinth enemy-peppepe.gif

This enemy appears in the first Labyrinth, the Labyrinth of the Sky. It spits up some sticky white puddles, which doesn't hurt Sonic, but freezes him for a while. No strategies involved, it can be destroyed with an easy spin-dash.


Sonic labyrinth enemy-toriri.gif

This enemy also appears in the Labyrinth of the Sky, and is also easy to defeat. They mindlessly roam around areas in a pattern, and don't attack in any way. They try to hurt Sonic by flying into him instead.


Sonic labyrinth enemies-flowawa.gif

The last enemy to appear in the Labyrinth of the Sky, and probably the most dangerous. It shoots out spores in all directions, and the only plus to defeating it is it's immobile. When you see any of its shots in range of you, be careful where you step and only begin the spin-dash when you're ready, if not from a distance. Instead of choosing your direction while in spin-dash formation, try making a quick choice in Sonic's upright formation, then get into a quick spin-dash. Instead of holding Sms-Button-1.png or Sms-Button-2.png, press it and release quickly after choosing direction. Keep this in mind for any other enemies with projectile attacks.


Sonic labyrinth enemy-puyoyo.gif

Puyoyo is a strange-looking blob that appears in the Labyrinth of the Sea. Easy to avoid, all they do is squirm along the ground in no specific pattern. They bear a resemblance to the recognizable Puyos from Sega's very own Puyo Puyo, though they may be aimed to look more like jellyfish (hence an appearance in an aquatic labyrinth).


Sonic labyrinth enemy-ototo.gif

Ototo is a shark-like enemy that zooms around aimlessly and uses the same strategy as Toriri. Although easily destroyed, they can stop you in your tracks when using the Labyrinth of the Sea's obstacles as an advantage.