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This is the complete list of secrets for Sonic Robo Blast 2, and how to get them.

Normal secrets[edit]

  • Level Select

How to Obtain: Clear the game. Details: This also opens up the Secrets menu. Once you clear the game with all the emeralds, you start the game with all 7 emeralds from level select.

  • Mario Koopa Blast Zone

How to Obtain: Clear the game with all 7 emeralds. Details: A Mario-themed zone, it has 3 acts. Act 1 is 3D and has a overground and underground section. Act 2 is 2D, and is a lot like World 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. Act 3 is a Mario boss level, complete with lava, Bowser, Toad, a axe, and the mandatory 2D.

  • Spring Hill Zone

How to Obtain: Get all 19 emblems. Details: This 1-act zone shows off SRB2's complete "NiGHTS into Dreams..." engine. Collect enough rings to break the capsule, then finish a lap around the level to clear it.

  • Christmas Hunt Zone

How to Obtain: Beat Mario Koopa Blast Zone. Details: Another 1-act zone, this shows off the Emerald Hunting gameplay mode, taken from Knuckles' Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 levels. Collect all 3 emeralds that are hidden in the level, using your Emerald Radar (at the bottom of the screen) to help. A hint is that one emerald is hidden in the chimney.

  • SA Example Zone

How to Obtain: Beat Spring Hill Zone. Details: This short little 1-act zone shows off the rest of the SA-style features. All characters have analog style control, and Sonic can Light Dash and use the Homing Attack. Light Dash on the ring trail, and (carefully) Homing Attack off all the Jetty-Syns to get to the other side. Bounce up and the zone is over.

  • Ultimate difficulty

How to Obtain: Beat the game on Very Hard. Details: This difficulty has the same enemy sets has Very Hard, but removes ALL rings and ALL ring monitors, and if that wasn't enough, you start with 1 life.

  • Hyper Sonic

How to Obtain:First obtain the master emerald then Have 50 rings then turn into supersonic you will be hypersonic you wont be changing colors like in the other games.

  • Master Emerald

How to obtain:This cheat will only work if you have inserted SMS [Super Mystic Sonic]wad.Then select him and play.In the GFZ1 go until you see a bridge with two enemies[just go near it don't go on it].Then turn right and you will see a blocked door.Break with spin dash 3 to 4 times.Then go inside it and pick up the special stage token.Then complete the stage and the special stage and lo!you will obtain the Master emerald. Note:1.This will only work if the door near the bridge is blocked.2.If they ask you to collect 1 ring,collect the 7 emeralds first then 1 ring.

RedXVI Secrets[edit]

Before we indulge in some of the best secrets in the game, why don't you learn...

Who is RedXVI?[edit]

In real life, RedXVI is Malcolm Brown, a music guy for SRB2. In the game, he is a little red half-robot dude with a bad temper who looks like Knuckles. He was added to the game to hide a little secret from prying eyes. The clever way he and his instructions were hidden kept that secret away from prying eyes for quite a while.

Now to the secrets themselves!

  • Red Volcano Zone

How to Obtain: Beat the game 3 times on any difficulty. Details: RedXVI secrets are not added to the secrets menu. The trigger for this secret is the house closest to the beginning of GFZ1. Jump on it 3 or 4 times, and RedXVI pops out, complaining about you interrupting his sleep. Walk into him, and he rants about sending you to the place down under. (Not Australia, the other place down under. Not New Zealand, either.) That is a Good Thing. Run around for a bit, as no matter what happens besides clearing the level, you are dead. Red Volcano Zone does, in fact, bear resemblance to the place where XVI told you to go. What with all the lava and crumbling rock, ya know? This act is a preview first act of Zone 7 from the final.

  • The Master Emerald

How to Obtain: First beat the game on Ultimate, then beat the game with all Emeralds to unlock level select. Then use level select to get to GFZ 2 and play as sonic. Run through and get 50 rings then go back to the first puddle in the beginning and jump on the spring. Then run over to the platforms that are moving up and down. Jump on the lowest and when the two are level, jump to the other one. (If you double-jumped already and turned into Super Sonic, wait until you are normal Sonic again and get more rings.) Follow the path until you see a house. Jump down and go and "knock" at the front door, walk into it, and it will say "out to lunch". Now go jump down and use the spring again and turn into Super Sonic. you should see RedXVI on a picnic cloth. Walk into him as Super Sonic. He then rants and gives you the Master Emerald. (Note, finishing the game does not let you keep it, and the only difference between the Hyper Sonic [Thanks to the Master Emerald.] and Super Sonic, is that Hyper Sonic has sparkles around him, and using your thok will do an Armageddon Explosion.)