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This is a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Sonic has great speed in most of those, and this is no exception. Hit Right or Left on the D-pad to begin a run. Sonic begins at a trot, then grows in speed. Press B to jump. Jumping curls sonic up into a ball (like a hedgehog would in real life) and is his only attack. It is called Spin Ball. Jump on an enemy to defeat it. Now, there are little yellow circles called Rings. Grabbing them enables Sonic to take damage from an enemy without losing a life. They are very useful, so grab a lot of them! If you are hit by an enemy's attack, all collected Rings will go flying. Quickly gather them back up or you will lose them! This skill is very necessary in prolonged boss fights, where you have a limited number of rings (usually 12 or 10) and get hit repeatedly. Some tips: While running, quickly hit the opposite D-pad button (left if you're running right or right if you're running left) to put on a speedy slow-down. Another useful tip is to hit B in midair when jumping from a spring or other bouncy item (during a normal jump, that doesn't work.) Pressing R in midair will give you a boost in mid-flight. This is useful in Night Carnival, where you have to use this trick to get onto a ledge. Another one: Y is Sonic's Dash attack. Sonic will go very fast in a flash of blue. Using this, he can go from standing still to a full run in less than a second. However, the gauge on the far left of the screen (Above the life counter) is your "Dash Gauge." The Dash Gauge has four levels: Red, which is maxed out, Yellow, which is in the middle, Blue, which is low, and white, which is empty. Every dash takes some of this out. You can fill it back up by collecting items, defeating enemies, and using the B and R tricks in midair. You need to use Dash if you get stuck in one of Mirage Road's in-between parts (between two of the "elevators" that carry you from place to place when you run) and to collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds. Another unnecessary tip is that pressing down on the D-pad and holding B puts sonic in his Ball Dash (a rolling attack). This is useful in the boss of Dead Line, who will be doing the exact same thing. Now, you know all you need with Sonic to get started with Leaf Storm. However, when you decide to use Blaze, read the next section.


Blaze is a new character to the Sonic series. At first glance, she seems identical to Sonic in controls. There are a few differences, though. First of all, Blaze doesn't curl up into a ball to attack. Instead she surrounds herself in flames and spins. This is called the Flame Spin and is generally used in the same way as Spin Ball. The second difference is that Blaze runs a little bit slower than Sonic. Her running animation is similar to a trot or a jog as opposed to a run. The third is that Blaze does each zone in a different order from Sonic. If sonic does them in this order-1,2,3,4,5,6,7, then Blaze does them in this order-4,1,3,2,6,5,7. Also, Blaze's Dash is red opposed to blue and resembles fire in the mix of reds, pinks, and oranges. Finally, Blaze's Ball Dash is a move called Flame Dash. Flames erupt at her feet as she runs shrouded in flames.

Sonic and Blaze[edit]

Sonic and Blaze is a separate mode that is only playable after getting the Sol and Chaos emeralds. A bigger walkthrough is coming soon, but this is the basics- Starting as SuperSonic, press B (or A) to dash. Sonic can smash meteors with his dash. He can also blast the blue balls at Eggman, as well as the green ones. Switching into Blazing Blaze, the fight dynamics get different. Blaze's B gives an identical Flame Dash that is just like Sonic's. A, however, releases a "Charge Fireball". She charges for 4 seconds, then releases the fireball. Only the fireball can hit Eggman Nega directly.