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Sonic the Hedgehog on Wave Cyclone

In Sonic Rush Adventure, in order to get to the other islands, you have to use a boat. You'll be able to have them if you have enough materials to build them. Each boat has a specific ability and to get to some islands, you may need to use a specific boat. there are 4 boats and ships you can sail with in Sonic Rush Adventure:

  • Wave Cyclone (water bike)
  • Ocean Tornado (sailboat)
  • Aqua Blast (hovercraft)
  • Deep Typhoon (sub-marine)

Wave Cyclone[edit]

Wave Cyclone

Wave Cyclone is going to be the first boat you can sail with. After completing the training stage, when you have a blue and iron material, Tails will be able to build you Wave Cyclone which is a water bike.

Wave Cyclone can travel short distances and you can control it by the stylus. As long as you are holding the stylus on the water bike, it's going to be moving. you can move the bike to right or left by moving the stylus to right or left while holding Wave Cyclone. There are going to be obstacles in your way that would decrease your speed or damage the bike. Try not to hit them.

There are also going to be ramps in your way. By going on a ramp, the bike goes into the air for a short time and in the time, if you move the stylus on the direction mark that appears (you can let go of the bike and touch the beginning of the mark and move the stylus toward the mark's end), You'll going to do a trick.

By collecting rings and doing tricks, your boost gauge will be filled. By touching the bike twice rapidly, Wave Cyclone begins to boost. While in boost mode, you can knock enemies and bombs.

Ocean Tornado[edit]

Ocean Tornado

Ocean Tornado is going to be the second boat you can sail with. After completing Machine Labyrinth Zone, if you have enough materials, Tails would build you Ocean Tornado which is sail boat and can travel farther distances.

You'll not get to control the navigation of Ocean Tornado, but to use it's weapons to attack other ships and enemies.

Based on which weapon you're using, anywhere on the screen you touch with the stylus, you'll shoot the bullet there. There are 3 types of weapons:

  • Bullets: By touching the enemies with the stylus, you shoot them with bullets. It's a weak weapon but it's fast and good for shooting the other ships' cannon balls they shoot.
  • Cannon: Much more stronger and good for destroying strong ships. It's really slow though.
  • Fire: Only suitable for collecting rings. As long as you're holding the stylus on the screen and moving it, fire trails going to made collecting rings on their way.

Overall, it's better to stick with regular bullets and destroy weak enemies and only defend yourself against bigger ships.

Aqua Blast[edit]

Aqua Blast

After you complete Ghost Ship Zone, it's time to build Aqua Blast. Aqua Blast is a hovercraft and can travel the places that pieces of ice or rocks are on the surface of the sea (places you can't travel with Ocean Tornado).

You can control Aqua Blast by the stylus the same way you move Wave Cyclone. But there are a few differences:

  • As long as you're holding the hovercraft with the stylus, your fire gauge will be filled. If you let go of it then, Aqua Blast will shoot a fiery blast which destroys enemies in its way.
  • While you're holding the hovercraft, if you stir the stylus (move it left and right rapidly), Aqua Blast will begin to spin. While spinning, you are invincible and will knock out enemies in your way.
  • Unlike Wave Cyclone, if you hit a rock in your way, it will damage Aqua Blast.

While the gauge is being filled, spin Aqua Blast to be safe from any harm. When it's full, Stop spinning and shoot enemies in your way.

Deep Typhoon[edit]

Deep Typhoon

And the last one is Deep Typhoon which is a sub-marine. After completing Babylon Sky Zone, Tails will build you Deep Typhoon if you have enough materials. You will be attacking enemies while sailing with it and will not get to control it.

Just like Ocean Tornado, you'll shoot at enemies by taping the stylus on them. But you have to touch them when they are locked-on or else you'll miss them and they'll attack you. There are also some enemies that would move out of lock-on and a direction mark is by them. you have to hold the stylus on them and move it to the direction the enemy moves until your attack is charged and will shoot the enemy.