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Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

Any time something seems off, Sonic springs into action, as no doubt a bigger catastrophe is brewing. When he and Tails crash on Southern Island, he has the nagging feeling that it isn't an accident that they've landed there. If they don't act fast, he fears they might never get home - but that's before he realizes there are much bigger troubles to worry about.

Blaze the Cat[edit]

Blaze hails from royalty in an alternate universe and she's never without her purple cape, which thinly disguises her ability to use fire. When cornered by an enemy, she will throw off the cape and create a fiery inferno or shoot fire from her hands. She is the keeper of the Sol Emeralds and it's a task she takes very seriously. When she hears of the thieving, she quickly investigates the matter. She is as surprised to see Sonic as he is to see her and when she tells him her tale, they both realize there is far more at stake than they thought!

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

This brilliant fox uses his two tails as helicopter propellers, and is Sonic's best friend and a very skillful mechanic. When he and Sonic become stranded on Southern Island, Tails constructs ships that they hope will get them off the island. As Sonic brings him new Materials, he builds four widely varying ships. With these vessels, Sonic explores the surrounding islands.

Marine the Raccoon[edit]

Marine is a lovable raccoon from Southern Island with a passion for the sea. She makes everyone call her Captain and builds the ship of her dreams so she can sail around the world. However, on the SS Marine's maiden voyage, Marine realized she forgot to add one vital part to her ship - the brakes! She meets Sonic and Tails when Tails offers to help her rebuild it.

Captain Whisker[edit]

This surly pirate captain is used to encountering foes on the high seas, but Sonic presents him with some unique challenges: not only is he fast, he's also more fearless than most! The captain has a short temper, especially when he's being tested, but luckily his crew is fiercely loyal, and he's able to evade Sonic and keep up his search for the treasure.


The right-hand man of Captain Whisker, Johnny is a big talker who doesn't like to lose - ever. He is most comfortable at sea and he is always seeking worthy opponents to race on waterbikes, but few are brave enough to challenge him until Sonic.