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  • Left dpad: Move left
  • Right dpad: Move right
  • Up dpad: Look up
  • Down dpad: Look down (Down dpad+A button/B button spin dash)
  • A button/B button: Jump
  • Y button: Boost
  • R button: Do tricks or dash while in mid-air
  • Start button: Enter start menu
  • Stylus button: Control or shoot while sailing a boat


  • Press R button rapidly while grinding to do tricks and get points.
  • While in mid-air if you hold up and press R button, you'll do a trick and ascend.
  • After you jump on a spring or something, press B button rapidly to do tricks and get points before you land. (When close to landing, press R button as your last trick to gain more points.)

Other Moves[edit]

  • When playing as Sonic, press R button after you jump to do a homing attack.
  • When playing as Blaze, press R button after you jump to hover.