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This is the stage for the "Last Episode". You must go through Iblis-infested segments of 7 previous stages with a certain character on a hunt for the Chaos Emeralds in order to save Sonic also different enimies such as eggmans robots in crisis city and so on:

Stage Character Emerald
Crisis City Tails Yellow
Flame Core Omega Green
Tropical Jungle Knuckles Light Blue
Dusty Desert Silver White
Wave Ocean Rouge Purple
White Acropolis Amy Blue
Kingdom Valley Shadow Red

You must then face Solaris in two phases. The level bears a coincidental resemblance to the similarly named End of the World in the first Kingdom Hearts due to the purple overtones (which gives both levels a surreal feeling) and the usage of short segments from previous levels.

  • Extra Boss: Solaris Phase 1 and 2.