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This is a snowy level set outside a large base, most probably Eggman's, complete with many large buildings and searchlights. Sonic, like in Crisis City, has another snowboarding area here, which is a homage to the Icecap stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Sonic's Story (3rd Stage)
After meeting up with Knuckles, and receiving a letter from Dr. Eggman threatening him to bring the Chaos Emerald he has, Sonic and the others set off to find Dr. Eggman's secret base, the "Aquatic Base".
Shadow's Story (1st Stage)
Shadow journeys to Eggman's base in search of Rouge, who has sent an SOS call after trying to locate and recover the Scepter of Darkness.
  • Boss: Egg Cerberus
Silver's Story (5th Stage)
Uncertain whether or not Sonic really is this fabled "Iblis Trigger", Silver and Blaze journey to Dr. Eggman's base in search of some answers.
  • Boss: Egg Genesis