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The final zone in the game. There are two bosses in this zone: Silver Sonic and Dr Robotnik's Powersuit. There are no rings available in this zone.

Silver Sonic[edit]

When the zone starts, spin dash to your right into the first room, where you will fight Silver Sonic. He is pretty easy, if you don't take too long to defeat him. You must hit him 8 times to defeat him.

Final Boss[edit]

After you defeat Silver Sonic, chase after Dr Robotnik until he jumps into his giant metal suit. He will then rise out of the floor. Follow and repeat this pattern until you've beaten him:

  1. He will take 4 steps forwards and 1 step back.
  2. He takes off. At this point, spin dash to the very rightmost part of the screen.
  3. He starts to aim. When he locks on (the target will start flashing yellow) move far enough to your left as not to be hit.
  4. He will fall back down. When he bends forward, hit him.
  5. Spin dash to left as far as possible. His arms will shoot off. then move to the right and wait.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 4.
  7. Repeat from step 1.

If you have good timing, you can put hits on the metal suit as it is walking forward. But you have to time it so you hit him on the step, so you minimize your chances of hitting his spikes; and you have to be careful to move away right when you hit, otherwise you will go through it and die via the rocket pack on the other side. Perfecting that technique will greatly reduce the amount of time required to defeat Dr Robotnik in this stage.


Finally, after defeating the final boss, Sonic will run out of the exploding Death Egg and skydive back down, to be caught by Tails' plane (unless you have managed to collect all the Chaos Emeralds; in that case Super Sonic flies alongside the plane).