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Master System, Game Gear, Wii


  • Super Ring Monitor: Adds 10 Rings to your current Ring total.
  • Invincibility Monitor: Similar to the Starman in Super Mario Bros., this makes Sonic invulnerable to enemy attacks for a brief period of time.
  • Sonic Monitor: Grants you an extra life.
  • Speed Shoe Monitor: Makes Sonic run faster for a short time.
  • Chaos Emerald: Hidden in secret locations in the first six Zones. The first five must be found prior to entering the Scrambled Egg Zone if one wishes to enter the Crystal Egg Zone, and achieve the game's 'good ending'.


Badniks are the enemies of the game; they are robots designed by Dr. Robotnik to attack Sonic. Most are weak, with simple attacks, and can be defeated by simply jumping on them in ball form (a spin attack), or rolling into them, but there are exceptions.

  • Taraban: A crab-like enemy first encountered in the Under Ground Zone. It walks left and right slowly, and attacks by shooting small energy balls from its pincers. It can be defeated by jumping on it.
  • New Motora: An enemy first found in the Under Ground Zone that resembles a large beetle. It does not attack, and is defeated by a basic spin attack.
  • Meleon: A chameleon robot that hides itself by changing its colour to match the background. It emerges only to shoot an energy ball at Sonic. This is Sonic's only chance to attack; once it has gone back into hiding, it cannot be harmed, even if Sonic attacks the area where it is hidden.
  • Game-game: A small turtle bot that appears first in the Sky High Zone. It attacks by jumping into the air and spinning towards Sonic. It is particularly difficult to avoid in the second Act of Sky High Zone, where it may appear in Sonic's path while hang-gliding, but can easily be defeated with one spin attack.
  • Zaririn: Robotic lobsters found only in the Aqua Lake Zone. They swim back and forth, swimming towards Sonic when they first see him, but backing off as he comes closer. Can be defeated by one spin attack, wherever possible.
  • Buton: A pig robot found in the Gimmick Mt. Zone, often at the top of slopes. They jump up and down, and towards Sonic whenever he approaches them. One spin attack will defeat them.
  • Drillin: An unusual robot who attacks with a drill attached to its face. Met only in the Gimmick Mt. Zone, it is sometimes hard to avoid, but one spin attack will destroy it.
  • Bomb: A robot whose kamikaze attack is triggered whenever it detects Sonic's presence. Sonic can not attack it, but only avoid its explosive attack. Found in the Gimmick Mt. and Scrambled Egg Zones.
  • Nameless Crystal Egg Badnik: An un-named piranha-like Badnik found only in the Crystal Egg Zone. They float in mid-air from left to right, and are easily avoided. They can be dispatched of with a spin attack.

Zone select code[edit]

As the game loads, hold Up dpad, Left dpad, and all other buttons. You will hear two Ring chimes, at which point you can press any other button to access a Zone Select menu. However, note that this code cannot be used to achieve the 'Good' Ending without collecting the six Chaos Emeralds, by skipping to the Crystal Egg Zone. If this is done, the game will allow the player to play the Crystal Egg Zone, but since the game has been completed without collecting all Chaos Emeralds, the game will still trigger the 'Bad' Ending.