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Toxic Caves[edit]

Lower Section[edit]

You first start at the lower section. In this area, there are two base flippers, above the water. Sometimes you will slip through the flippers or down the side, either landing or catching the central playform. However, you will need to quickly jump up before a mechanical serpent tries to eat you.

In this area, shoot yourself into the side pipes containing three rings. YOu will bounce off a worm into the upper corner, where you need to aim for the targets. Repeat this on both sides to drain the slime surrounding the first chaos emerald.

Safety lids can be opened by hitting the lower two targets, and a bonus Loop-de-Force can be obtained by goind thorgh the loop after draining the slime.

To proceed go through the two newly opened pipes to the slime section.

Slime Section[edit]

The slime section is a symetrical region of the map.

The first task in the slime section is to grab the first chaos emerald. Fall to the bottom, being sure to land on the barrel. Paddle to the center of the map, and jump in to collect the first emerald.

There are three important tasks:

  • Launch yourself into the inner loop from the top to remove the rail obstacle. You must perform this task on both sides of the map.
  • Launch yourself into the middle loop three times to open a pathway to the rail.
  • Launch yourself to the outer tube three times remove barrels obstructing a path to the rail.

Once you finally reach the upper slime section, use the flipper to reach the rail. Move the cart away from the section where you flipped the switch to obtain a chaos emerald.

Repeat the task for the other side. Pull the switch down, reach the rail, and get the chaos emerald.