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Soukoban Deluxe stage selection screen.png

Namco's 1990 puzzle arcade game, Soukoban Deluxe, is divided into five worlds each one comprised of eleven rounds: Shoshinsha-muke (初心者向け, Rounds 1 to 11), Keiken-sha-muke (経験者向け, Rounds 12-22), Nareta Hito-muke (慣れた人向け, Rounds 23-33), Jishin-ka-muke (自信家向け, Rounds 34 to 44), and Chūdoku Kanja-muke (中毒患者向け, Rounds 45-55). Once you have inserted your coin into the cabinet and pressed the start button, you will proceed to the stage selection screen, from which you will have thirty seconds to choose which world you want to start the game from, by moving the joystick up and down; once you have pressed the Reset Button to confirm your choice, the timer will continue counting down as a hand appears over the "A" stage of your chosen world and the window on the left side of the screen shows a small view of it, along with its time limit, best steps and good steps. By moving the joystick up, down, left and right, you can see the small views, time limits, best steps and good steps for the "B" to "J" stages of each world as well - however, if you should have the hand over the "?" stage of any world, the window will just display a large red question mark surrounded by fifty-four more smaller magenta, red, blue, yellow, and green question marks (which means that you actually have to play it to find out what its time limit, best steps, good steps and full-size appearance are). Once you have pressed the Reset Button to confirm your choice for a second time, the game will begin.