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The Xbox 360 version of Soulcalibur has 12 achievements worth a total of 200 Gamerscore points

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
SoulCalibur Apprentice.jpg Apprentice Play 3 characters in any mode Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur Warrior.jpg Warrior Complete Arcade Mode 10 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur ZenWarrior.jpg Zen Warrior Win a round with a perfect 10 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur NobleSoul.jpg Noble Soul Beat the game in Ultra Hard without losing a round 25 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur Champion.jpg Champion Beat Time Attack Mode in under 4 minutes 25 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur RingOut.jpg Ring Out Finish Time Attack Mode with all Ring Outs 15 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur Conqueror.jpg Conqueror Beat 25 opponents in Extra Survival Mode 25 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur CloseCall.jpg Close Call Defeat an opponent under adverse conditions 15 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur Guardian.jpg Guardian Perform 25 consecutive bursts with Freestyle set to Guard Impact in Practice Mode 15 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur ArtConnoisseur.jpg Art Connoisseur Explore the different areas in the Museum Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur SummonSuffering.jpg Summon Suffering Perform the move Summon Suffering with Ivy 20 Gamerscore points
SoulCalibur EdgeMaster.jpg Edge Master Beat Arcade Mode with all characters 30 Gamerscore points