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Soulcalibur IV has 50 Xbox 360 achievements worth a total of 1000 Gamerscore points. In the PlayStation 3 version they are called "Honors". Although similar to trophies, they are not integrated into the PSN trophy system.

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
SCIV Start of a New Era.jpg Start of a New Era Let the intro movie play completely when you start the game. Gamerscore points
SCIV Encounter with the Unknown.jpg Encounter with the Unknown Fight against Darth Vader (PS3 version)/Yoda (360 version). 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Pursuer of the Secret.jpg Pursuer of the Secret Clear Story Mode on Normal difficulty. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Mystery of the Swords.jpg Mystery of the Swords Clear Story Mode on Hard difficulty. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV May the Force be with You.jpg May the Force be with You Clear Story Mode with Yoda. (360 version only.) 20 Gamerscore points
N/A Return to the Galaxy Clear Story Mode with Darth Vader. (PS3 version only) N/A
SCIV War Veteran.jpg War Veteran Clear Arcade Mode. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Hero on the Battlefield.jpg Hero on the Battlefield Clear Arcade Mode with over 450,000 points. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Legendary Hidden Treasures.jpg Legendary Hidden Treasures Acquire over 30 treasures in Tower of Lost Souls. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Never Ending Advance.jpg Never Ending Advance Descend 20 floors in Tower of Lost Souls. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Tower’s New Guardian.jpg Tower’s New Guardian Clear all upper floors of Tower of Lost Souls. 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Scorpion’s Sting.jpg Scorpion’s Sting Win a battle with Critical Finish. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Smasher.jpg Smasher Destroy all of the opponent’s equipment. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Iron Hammer.jpg Iron Hammer Land an attack on a taunting opponent. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Death on the Battlefield.jpg Death on the Battlefield Perform 100 Critical Finishes. 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Like a Flowing Stream.jpg Like a Flowing Stream Perform 200 Impacts. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Lost in the Moment.jpg Lost in the Moment Perform 20 Just Impacts. 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Quick Strike.jpg Quick Strike Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Swift Strike.jpg Swift Strike Perform 100 First Attacks. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Mad Destroyer.jpg Mad Destroyer Perform 100 Soul Crushes. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Violent Storm.jpg Violent Storm Perform 50 Wall Hits. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV 10,000 Strikes of Proof.jpg 10,000 Strikes of Proof Land 10,000 attacks. 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Endure 1,000.jpg Endure 1,000 Guard 1,000 times against attacks. 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Water Moon.jpg Water Moon Perform 30 grapple breaks. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Distance will not Betray.jpg Distance will not Betray Reach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV First Step as an Artist.jpg First Step as an Artist Customize a regular character. Gamerscore points
SCIV Chosen by History.jpg Chosen by History Create a custom character. Gamerscore points
SCIV Sharpened Teeth.jpg Sharpened Teeth Maximize a style’s level. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Equal Skill and Power.jpg Equal Skill and Power Use all skill points and set up 4 skills. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Engraved into History.jpg Engraved into History Fight 100 times (Online). 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV World Class Fighter.jpg World Class Fighter Fight against 20 different fighting styles (Online). 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV World Traveler.jpg World Traveler Fight on all stages (Online). 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Gladiator.jpg Gladiator Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online). 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Unknown Swordsman.jpg Unknown Swordsman Win 10 times (Online). 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Hero King.jpg Hero King Level up to 20 (Online). 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Divine Punishment.jpg Divine Punishment K.O. with an Unblockable Attack. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Reversal Wizard.jpg Reversal Wizard Win 20 times with low HP. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Phoenix.jpg Phoenix Win with all equipment destroyed. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Wandering Assassin.jpg Wandering Assassin K.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons. 10 Gamerscore points
SCIV Repel All Blades.jpg Repel All Blades Win perfect 30 times. 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Numeric God.jpg Numeric God The last two numbers of total play time and remaining time in a victorious battle are the same. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Two Cannot Exist Together.jpg Two Cannot Exist Together Get a Double K.O. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Gathering of the Best.jpg Gathering of the Best Unlock every character (not counting downloadable characters), then view Chain of Souls. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Observer of Souls.jpg Observer of Souls Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery. 30 Gamerscore points
SCIV Sword Hunter.jpg Sword Hunter Collect all weapons for 5 characters. 15 Gamerscore points
SCIV The Controller.jpg The Controller Get Soul Calibur (Final Form). 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Wild Run to Tragedy.jpg Wild Run to Tragedy Get Soul Edge (Final Form). 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Looter of the Battlefield.jpg Looter of the Battlefield Collect all accessories. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Wandering Weapon Merchant.jpg Wandering Weapon Merchant Collect 350 pieces of equipment. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Tower of Gold.jpg Tower of Gold Acquire 1,000,000 gold. 20 Gamerscore points
SCIV Transcend History and the World.jpg Transcend History and the World Acquire all weapons and equipment. 50 Gamerscore points