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Also known as aircraft, Gears are the core gameplay mechanic of players. While some interaction between players occur in cities, outside cities players are always in their aircraft. There are four types of Gears:

  • A-Gear: Perhaps the oddest gear in the game, the A-Gear is lesser known as the "Anima Mortar". It has the added ability to land anywhere and become essentially a mobile AA gun.
  • I-Gear: The fastest, the I-Gear is the bread-and-butter air-to-air combat fighter, capable of firing large amounts of missiles at once. It specializes in evading enemy attacks and dealing damage. It is also known as the "Idle Sniper".
  • B-Gear: Also known as the Brady Burg, the B-Gear is a powerful fighter/bomber aircraft. It takes the role of "Mage" type characters in fantasy RPGs.
  • M-Gear: Also known as the "Meadow Burgle", the M-Gear is a support unit, similar to a white mage or healing class in an RPG. Unlike said characters, however, the M-Gear is more than capable of defending itself. It has the uncanny ability to hover and act as a gunship.