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Space Encounters
Box artwork for Space Encounters.
Developer(s)Midway Games
Publisher(s)Midway Games
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Three-dimensional shooter
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
TwitchSpace Encounters Channel
YouTube GamingSpace Encounters Channel

Space Encounters marquee

Space Encounters is a 3-dimensional shooter arcade game that was released by Midway Games in 1980; it was the last game from the company to use an Intel 8080 microprocessor (running at 1.9968 MHz) and the player must use one analog joystick to take up control of a satellite-like ship (known as the "Assault Ship") with a single button to make it fire off shots at enemies as it flies through a trench (known as the "Space Channel"). The Assault Ship initially starts out invulnerable, as the game timer in the top-right corner of the screen starts counting down - however, once this runs out it will become vulnerable, and will immediately explode when hit. You can earn up to three extra lives at increasing point values to prevent immediate death on impact after that timer runs out, and the enemy missiles' point values increase from 20 to 50 points, for each of this game's four stages; occasionally, "Space Saucers" will fly into view (from the sides of the screen). They are worth 250 points when destroyed, and their destruction will invoke the appearance of the "Time Lapse Target", which is worth 100-500 points when destroyed - and "Speed Score" points will also be earned with guiding the Assault Ship further up the Space Channel with the analog joystick. Once the game is over, the Speed Score will be added to the regular score for the final result; however, the score display for this particular game rolls over at 10000. In a two-player game the control switches from 1P to 2P once his game is over.