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Mukadensu Tomos

Mukadensus are the first basic enemy that you encounter in your journey. They are basic ships that follow a variety of flight paths. They typically zoom around you, but don't necessarily have the intention of colliding with you. They fire energy beams at you current position.


Tomos always appear in groups of threes. They fly in from a distance and spread out. They open up and fire beams at you. Then they close back up and advance a little closer to you. They are only vulnerable to your attack when they are open. They fly away after shooting at you three times.

Skegg Ida

Skeggs are some weird cross between a frog and a bird. They tend to hover in the air, but like to bounce off the ground once in a while. You will only encounter them in one stage early on in the game, and then you'll never see them again.


Idas look like gigantic stone face carvings. They appear in a variety of fashions. Sometimes they are basic terrain objects. Other times they float around in the distance, flying in circles and shooting at you. In one particular case, they are used by a boss as shields.

Looper Canary

Loopers are gigantic spores that hover in mid-air. They don't attack you, so much as they simply get in the way. At certain points in particular stages, you will be forced to fly through large groups of them. Continue firing straight ahead when they appear.


Canaries are a rare type of insect which will occasionally attack you throughout the game. They tend to fly towards you from a distance, and then rush toward you in an effort to collide with you. Clear them away before they get the chance.

Dom Pakomen
Doms don't appear until closer to the middle of the game, but once they show up, you'll start seeing a lot of them until the end of the game. Doms actually come in a wide variety of colors and attack patterns. Study them closely so that you know how to react to them as soon as you see one.

Pakomen are another type of ship, fairly similar to Mukadensu, although they appear far less frequently. They fly around and shoot at you like most enemies, although their patterns can be a bit less predictable.

Valkyrie Jet

Valkyries are a special kind of jet fighter that has two cockpits. Exactly who is piloting them against you is unknown, but they do like to fly in fast and try to strike you with guided missiles. Don't hold still if you see one coming.


Jets are another type of attack aircraft. Like Valkyries, they fly in and launch missiles at you. What sets them apart is that instead of approaching you from an angle, they fly directly toward you low to the ground, launch their missiles, and then climb straight up into the air. Hard to see and even harder to shoot.


Despite being featured prominently in artwork and on the title screen, these one-eyed mammoths don't actually do a lot in the game. Nor do they appear in many stages. They are simply another destructible terrain object, like trees or bushes, that can get in your way unless you shoot them and get rid of them.