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The gloves are off. After completing the second bonus stage, you are into the third and final leg of the game. Enemies will shoot at you relentlessly, and the terrain will throw more obstacles at you then you'll know what to do with sometimes. This is a machine heavy stage, featuring a mix of flying craft and Doms. Early terrain obstacles can be destroyed, but the stage finishes up with indestructable columns.

Space Harrier Stage 13.png
  • The Valkyries will fly in from the upper left, bearing down, and swoop back up to the upper right after firing at you. After they've flown off, three more Valkyries will fly down from the upper right, fire missiles at you, and leave through the upper left.
  • Three Makuden will appear off in the distance on the right, fly towards you and then lift up to the sky. Three more Makuden will do the same thing on the left. Then three Jets will approach down the middle, shoot missiles at you, and then fly up to the sky.
  • Two blue Doms will race toward you from the left side, along with a red Dom who will start out on the right and leap over to the left. Meanwhile, three Makudens will appear from behind you, and fly high into the distance.
  • Three more Makuden will appear from behind you and fly into the distance before looping around and flying back towards you. At the same time, another red Dom will appear in the distance and approach you.
  • Lastly two red Doms appear from the distance, one slightly after the other. Keep moving around in order to avoid the missiles that they shoot at you.

Boss: Octopus[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 13 boss.png

The next boss you must face is a group of machines that remain very close to one another, even as they fan out a bit and fire at you. You'll need to be moving constantly, preferably in a circular motion, in order to avoid getting shot. They change color from light blue to dark blue and back, and they only appear to be vulnerable when they are dark blue. Since they cluster together, you don't have to move very far from the center of the screen to hit them, although you may need to do so just to lure their shots away from you. You don't get a lot of time to defeat this boss, and any remaining pieces will retreat into the background after only four rotations, allowing you to advance to the next stage.