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VISEL has no central unifying theme. It consists of a big mix of enemies from various stages, but Dom robots will appear throughout the stage. When the Doms appear, be sure to fly around in a circle to avoid their rockets. The terrain continues to whiz by at a very fast rate, so stay on your toes.

Space Harrier Stage 15.png
  • Amidst the group of indestructible columns, a trio of Tomos will appear. Unlike before, they will not begin in the distance and advance between attacks. They will start out as close to you as they get, fire three times, and then withdraw.
  • Three Makuden ships will appear off in the distance, start just right of center. They are quickly followed by another group of three Makudens. Each group will snake back and forth as they get a little closer to you after each time they rise into the air and drop back down. A red Dom will appear in the distance and try to close in on you from behind the ships.
  • Two blue Doms and a single red Dom will advance towards you from the background while two Ida heads rotate around in the background. This is followed shortly after by another red Dom, and two floating Ida heads.
  • Finally, three red Doms appear from the distance and advance towards you, firing rockets at you.

Boss: Varda[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 15 boss.png

The boss of this stage is identical to the boss of the first stage, apart from this creature being a skeleton. It will snake through the air flying closer to you and blasting you with fireballs, until it gets close enough and begins to retreat into the background. At this point in the game, this should be nothing new to you. Tackle it using the same strategy as the first boss. Keep yourself as close to the location of the head on the screen as you can, without putting yourself at risk for getting hit by fireballs.