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Bushes are replaced by large colorful mushrooms in Amar. And the floating rocks are replaced by another type of fungus known as Loopers that hover through the air. Both can be destroyed when fired upon. However, there are also indestructible trees that you must watch out for. Mukadensu ships make a return appearance here, as well as a new enemy, a type of winged insect known as Canaries. There are periods where your speed will pick up tremendously, so be prepared to dodge anything flying at you.

Space Harrier Stage 3.png
  • Four Looper will fly towards you as three Mukadensu ships appear from behind you on the right, and travel off into the distance. Three more ships will appear from behind you on the left and cross over to the right to join the others as they retreat.
  • Two trios of ships will appear in the distance, and approach before flying up through the top of the screen. The first trio appears on the left, and the second appears on the right. Loopers will fill the sky as they rise.
  • Six ships will appear from behind you, three on the left and three on the right. They will retreat, cross in the back of the screen, and then sweep around to advance towards you, crossing once again as they do.
  • Three Canaries will approach from the background, one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right. They will shoot fire at you and then rise through the top of the screen. A long stretch of Loopers will fill the air as they leave.
  • Three ships will appear from behind you in the lower left, and cross over to the right as they retreat. Two Canaries will advance towards you, followed by a few Loopers.
  • Three Canaries will advance from the background. This is followed by two groups of four Canaries who appear from the background and cross in the middle of the screen when they are about half-way to you. You can remain in the center and shoot very quickly to take out all eight.
  • Finally, you will begin to speed up as large numbers of Loopers fill the air. Blast a path through them or simply dodge them as best as you can, but watch out for the rocks along the ground.

Boss: Godarni[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 3 boss.png

Godarni is a two headed dragon. Aside from the fact that he has two heads, and will be spitting fireballs at you from both the left and right sides whenever they approach, this fight is similar to the first boss fight that you had against the single headed dragon. The only vulnerable portion of the boss is either head. The heads will change color as you shoot them. When you manage to destroy one of the heads, the other head will remain and continue to attack you. Apart from the increased firepower of this boss, this battle is a little easier than the first since the heads don't bob and weave quite as much as with a single headed dragon. You can anticipate where the heads will be with greater accuracy, and it's even easier to shoot the heads as they retreat.