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Enjoy the view of the background when the stage begins, because it won't last for long. A ceiling with the same appearance of the floor will be added. Speed is a major factor in the challenge of this stage. Not only will you be dodging pillars, but also rotating icosahedron (20-sided polyhedron) known as Binzubin that occur in groups, either on the floor or the ceiling.

Space Harrier Stage 4.png
  • When the stage begins, you must dodge pillars and Binzubin, first on the bottom of the stage, and then the top. The first enemies you encounter are three Mukadensu ships that appear from behind you on the left, and cross over to the right as they disappear in the distance.
  • As the first set of Mukadensu fade away, Binzubin will appear on the ceiling. Three more ships will appear from the same place, behind you on the left, but these ships will stick to the left side of the screen.
  • After some Binzubin appear along the floor, three ships appear from behind you on the right. As they travel away from you, they will stick to the right side of the screen.
  • Two sets of three Mukadensu will appear from behind you on either side, and cross in the middle in front of you. The left set will stay near the left and continue on. The right set, however, will cross over to the left and fly back towards you.

Boss: Dom[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 4 boss.png

The boss of this stage is not so much a boss, but an introduction to an enemy that you will be seeing a lot of throughout the rest of the game. The giant Dom robots can be particularly difficult to deal with if allowed to remain on the screen for a long time. They fire missiles at you with a good degree of accuracy, so you need to keep moving around the screen in order to dodge them. You will encounter six Dom robots here. They start off in the background and approach you, leaping from one side of the screen to the other. If you don't destroy them, they will eventually disappear behind you. The battle will end whether you manage to destroy the robots, or whether they simply slip past you.