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When you arrive, a floating continent appears off in the distance. Olisis is a rather technically advanced area with several new mechanical enemies appearing to halt your progress, including two news types of jet fighters. All of these jets quickly fly into the scene, and disappear rather quickly.

Space Harrier Stage 6.png
  • Six Pakomen fly towards you from the distance, snaking back and forth high off the ground while shooting at you.
  • Six Valkyrie jets will fly straight towards you from the distance, first three from the left, then three from the right, firing missiles at you as they pass.
  • Six more Valkyries will charge towards you, this time three from the lower right, followed by three from the upper left.
  • Three Valkyries will fly toward you from the upper right. They are followed by two Dom robots snaking along the ground.
  • Three jets appear from the distance, first left, then middle, then right. They launch a missile at you before looping straight up and back into the distance. This pattern will repeat itself a second time.
  • Six Valkyries will attack from the distance, switching off between the upper left and the lower right.
  • Three Pakomen snake into view high in the sky from the distance, along with three Dom robots snaking along the ground.
  • The green Doms are followed by a single red Dom who moves along the ground more quickly and less predictably.

Boss: Lowrys[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 6 boss.png

The boss of this stage is a collection of curved objects that look vaguely like blue peanuts. They swarm and swirl around one another, and fire a barrage of bullets your way. They move in and out and after appearing on the screen for only a short while, begin to retreat away from you. There are a total of eight, and you receive 10,000 points for each one that you destroy. You don't actually have to destroy all of them, and in fact it's actually hard to destroy all of them before they disappear. Focus on dodging bullets, and destroy whatever you can before they disappear.