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Lucasia is a cold place, with lots of rocks. The landscape is dotted with wholly mammoths that only possess one eye. While they don't directly attack you, you may need to shoot down a few to prevent yourself from crashing in to them. A variety of Dom robots attack you here. Begin to recognize their attack patterns based on their colors.

Space Harrier Stage 7.png
  • Six Pakomen appear low in the horizon from the left, cross over to the right, and then sweep out towards you before retreating through the middle of the screen.
  • Three Makudensu ships will appear, one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right. They will rise up and down, and then advance towards you.
  • You will meet gray Dom robots. They gray Doms are slow, and fairly easy to hit. However, they do have one trick: they can stack up on top of one another by standing on each other's shoulders. Two sets of three will attack you.
  • Five Makudensu ships will appear off in the distance in the upper right corner, and bounce down along the ground as they travel to the left, before advancing towards you. They are quickly followed by three Tomos orbs which you last saw in the first stage.
  • Four Green Doms will rush towards you from the distance, the fourth one a bit delayed behind the other three. Then five Makudensu will appear in from the upper left corner, and bounce along the ground like the previous group.
  • Three Makudensu will appear again in the left, center, and right sides of the screen. They are followed by three more gray Dom who stack up on each other.
  • Finally, a single Red Dom darts across the landscape shooting a barrage of missiles at you.

Boss: Tetras[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 7 boss.png

The boss of this Stage is a set of eight triangular looking objects. They assemble in a circle in two groups of four, and rotate clockwise around the center of the screen. They have panels which open up and allow them to shoot at you. They are only vulnerable to attack when the panels are open. Like the boss of the last stage, they will eventually retreat if you allow them to remain on the screen for too long unharmed. However, you have much more time to destroy these units than you did in Stage 7. It's best to move counter-clockwise in an effort to maximize your chances of destroying them while at the same time dodging their bullets.