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The dark skies of Copper Hill challenge you to be as mindful of the approaching terrain as you are of the enemies which appear. Most of the pillars that fly by are in sets of three, with a small gap somewhere in the middle. While dealing with the threats that fire at you, you must either fly safely through the gap, or veer off to the side to avoid collision with the pillars. Stay focused on avoiding enemy bullets, but make sure you are setting yourself up to fly around the pillars as well.

Space Harrier II Stage 5.png
  • Three Barbarians will fly out from behind you high on the left side, circle high into the air on the right, and then double back to the left side again.
  • Five Muka Densu MK II ships will fly out from behind you low on the right side, and rise into the air as they cross over to the left and fly off into the distance. Five more ships will appear on the left side and perform the mirror image motion. Finally, three ships will appear high in the horizon, gather near the center, and fly off past you.
  • You will attacked by three waves of ghost Armors that appear in groups of three. The first three will fall down from the sky on the right side. The next three will fall down on the left side, and the last three will return to the right side.

Boss: Mantichora[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 5 boss.png

Mantichora has two phases. In the first phase, Mantichora starts out with wings, and he flies around the screen, spitting fireballs at you. He flies towards you, and hangs out close to you for a while before retreating, and then returning. When he is closest to you, you don't have to worry about fireballs, so you should pelt his wings with as many shots as you can until he flies away from you. Once you damage his wings enough, they will explode and he enters the second phase. In the second phase, he runs across the screen at very high speeds, until he comes to a stop and rushes towards you. Stay low to the ground, but get out of his way when he approaches. Then prepare to blast him with your gun when he begins running again. You have a short period of time to shoot the Mantichora when he runs towards you, but don't stick around or he will hit you and take one of your lives. Be careful because he fills the screen with fireballs every so often when he crosses the screen.