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The Syura rocks and the Gidora demons that were introduced in the last stage take over in this stage. A ceiling covers the sky, but the pace of the stage is noticeably slower than in previous stages. The more leisurely pace gives you a better opportunity to line up your shots and take out the enemies before they become major threats.

Space Harrier II Stage 7.png
  • Four Gidora demons will appear in the distance and zigzag back and forth as they approach you. A set of Syura rocks will hover over the ground as the next four demons fly towards you as well. Finally, two demons approach from either side as more rocks hover above the ground.
  • Yet more Syura rocks appear floating in the air, before three Gidora demons appear in the distance and approach you along the middle of the screen. Three more Gidoras appear after that, returning to their old zigzagging motion.
  • Three black orbs known as Neo Tomos will appear in the distance and approach. They split up in a triangular formation and fire once at you. Then they reorganize and fire again before retreating. They are only vulnerable to attack when they are fully open and ready to shoot at you.
  • Syura rocks will appear throughout most of the remainder of the stage. Four groups of three Gidora demons will appear; One group will zigzag from the right, the next group will zigzag from the left, and the last two groups fly up and down approaching along the middle of the screen.

Boss: Medusa[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 7 boss.png

When Medusa first approaches, her face will be that of a serene maiden. After she reaches you, her eyes will open, and her face will transform into the face of a demon. She will then retreat and begin to attack you. Her attack pattern will be not unlike many of the dragon-like bosses in the game, where she will alternate between approaching and retreating. However, she does trick you a bit by only retreating a little bit the first time and turning around before retreating all the way back to the stage. Don't be fooled into holding still and lining up to shoot her as soon as she starts heading back; she will turn around and approach you again, and she will be firing energy rings at you as she does so, so keep moving.