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Muka Densu MK II Puchi Skyra
Muka Densu MK II

The Muka Densu MK II is an upgrade of the original model found in the original game. And like the original model, they are the first basic enemy that you encounter in your journey. They are basic ships that follow a variety of flight paths. They typically zoom around you, but don't necessarily have the intention of colliding with you. They fire energy beams at your current position.

Puchi Skyra
Puchi Skyra is a small version of the very first boss that you fought in the original Space Harrier. Though no longer a boss, he does appear by himself near the end of Stuna Area, just before the true stage boss shows up. This Skyra is not as formidable as the original once was.
Barbarian Rageref

Barbarian was once a boss in the original game. Having been humbled, several Barbarians appear now as basic enemies. They fly in a couple of different formations, typically traveling around in groups of five. However, a group of eight of them are known to attack together in a ring formation from time to time.


Rageref are strange jellyfish-like creatures that only every appear in Yees Land. They are usually motionless and simply hang out in the air. However, it's not unusual for them to float towards a threat once they've detected one. In later stages, these are replaced by the Syura.

Pearl Shells Cyborgmen
Pearl Shell

Pearl Shells aren't really a special enemy, they are basically another terrain object. Resembling giant clams out of water, they dot certain landscapes like bushes, and are easily removed by your bullets.


Cyborgmen appear to have similar abilities to the Harrier. They also ride on hover crafts that double as weapons. However, they are not as maneuverable as you are, and make fairly easy targets. Shoot at them and remove them before they get the chance to shoot at you.

Frogger Neo Dom

Froggers are strange enemies that resemble giant frogs. When they appear on the screen, they hop around and they can obstruct your view when they get close enough. They aren't afraid to jump right towards you, so be careful if you allow any to get too close to you. Fly away to a safe location if you didn't shoot them fast enough.

Neo Dom

Neo Doms are the upgraded versions of the Dom robots that terrorized so many stages in the original game. In this game, they tend only appear in two stages, Zero Polis and Hope City. Like the originals, Neo Doms come in a wide variety of colors and attack patterns. Study them closely so that you know how to react to them as soon as you see one.

Armor Neo Tomos

Armors enchanted with strange magic join the effort to defeat you and prevent you from accomplishing your mission. These disembodied armors wield incredibly sharp swords that will make short work of you if you let them get close enough. As they weave closer and closer to you, they also shoot energy rings at you. Try to hit them on the ground when they are crossing.

Neo Tomos

Neo Tomos are the new version of the Tomos from the original game. Like the originals, they may appear in groups of threes, but they can also appear in pairs. Each group has a tendency to appear in rapid succession. They are only vulnerable to your attack when they are open. Unlike the originals who shot at you three times, this variety flies away after shooting you only twice.

Syura Gidora

Syuras may remind you of the rock face statues known as Idas from the original game, but they are less menacing. They pretty much float through the air as you fly by them. Only a small portion of them will actually dart towrds you when they get close enough. Destroy as many .


Gidoras are a type of winged demon that has joined the fight against you. They fly in from a distance and zig-zag as they approach you. They might zig-zag up and down, and they might zig-zag from side to side. Either way, they fire energy rings at you as they approach. Remove them as quickly as possible to reduce the threat.