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Fallpyram throws a mix of new enemies and old enemies at you. Among the enemies introduced are the rock faces known as Syura, which take over for the Ida in the original game, and the winged demons known as Gidora. There will be plenty of obstacles to dodge, and the enemies won't be shy about shooting at you.

Space Harrier II Stage 6.png
  • Six Syura rocks will appear from behind you in the upper right corner, and begin looping around the middle of the screen as they slowly recede into the distance. After that group has fully appeared on the screen, another six will appear from the upper left corner and move in the opposite direction.
  • Three Gidoras will appear off in the distance and approach you by zigzagging across the screen. Another three Gidoras will appear behind them, and then two will appear on either side and swoop up and down as they approach.
  • Five Barbarians will fly onto the screen in the distance from left to right, and then begin to approach you, crossing over to the left side as they get closer to you. Another five Barbarians will repeat that pattern from the other direction. Two more sets of Barbarians will appear, first from the left and then from the right.
  • After a lull in the action, six Cyborgmen will appear from behind you, three on the left and three on the right, and turn around to shoot you as they retreat into the distance.

Boss: Wizard[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 6 boss.png

The Wizard will approach you after the lightning has struck, and then drop back a bit before dividing himself into three clones. The clones will circle around the middle of the screen, and all of them will shoot fireballs at you. Keep moving in a circle, either in the same direction, or the opposite direction, in order to avoid getting hit by the fireballs. You must shoot him until he collapses back to one Wizard. His hood will reveal a white mask. Then he will divide into three clones again and resume his attack. Keep shooting the clones until they collapse back to one again. This time he will reveal the green face behind the mask, and resume his attack. Shoot him enough times one last time to finally defeat him.