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Hell Peak is a particularly dark stage, with a fair amount of variety in terms of enemies. Rock, demons, Barbarians, and Neo Tomos will all attack you at some point in this stage. Stay alert and navigate your way through the pillars as you dodge enemy fire and destroy the threats in front of you.

Space Harrier II Stage 11.png
  • Syura rocks fly in from a distance and approach your location when they get close enough to you. This will continue for quite a while until two green Gidora demons fly towards you high in the sky from a distance mark the end of they Syuras.
  • Nine Barbarians will fly in from behind you in the upper right corner. They form a circle that loops around in front of you, shooting fireballs at you. Destroy them before they retreat into the distance.
  • Three Neo Tomos will appear and spread out before shooting at you. They will approach you slightly before shooting again. Around this time, a pair of Neo Tomos will join the first set, followed quickly by a second pair.
  • Green Gidora demons will fly in from the distance, moving up and down. This is followed by another set that will zig zag left and right.

Boss: Love Face[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 11 boss.png

This boss is an interesting challenge. He approach from a distance, and hesitates for a moment. When he's ready, he splits his face up into four parts, which move straight up, down, left, and right. Upon splitting up, all portions of his face are deadly to fly in front of, so you need to escape to safety. This is easily accomplished by flying into just about any corner of the screen. Then wait for his face to reassemble, and press your attack against him. He will then retreat to the background and spit fireballs at you. He will eventually make it back to the front where he will repeat his attack again. Shoot him whenever it's safe to do so until he is destroyed.