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Hope City is the last stage that is dominated by the Dom robots. You'll encounter several varieties here, but the stage will finish off with Muka Densu ships instead. Everyone fires fast-approaching missiles at you, so keep moving in order to stay alive during this fight.

Space Harrier II Stage 10.png
  • Three dark gray Dom robots appear in the distance, one high in the center, and two low in the corners, and shoot missiles at you before flying behind you.
  • Three red Doms appear in the distance low to the left. They approach, and leap around in the air, before landing and sliding back across the ground to the other side.
  • Three dark blue Doms appear in the distance along the ground. They approach on the left, slide across to the right when they are close, and retreat. Three more dark blue Doms will appear and perform the mirror image motion.
  • Three red Doms appear in the distance low to the right. They will leap up and over to the left and then slide back across.
  • Six gray Doms will approach on the ground from the distance. There will be three on the left and three on the right. They will split off when they get close.
  • Next, three sets of three gold Doms will appear. Gold Doms are indestructible. They fly in from a distance and spiral around, firing missiles at you. They eventually get close enough and fly straight toward you. The only way to survive these encounters is to fly continuously around the screen until the gold Doms disappear.
  • Six Muka Densu MK II ships will appear low in the distance, three on the left and three on the right, and peel off when they close. This is followed by three more ships, from the left, middle, and right, that fly in and then spread out.
  • Finally, five ships appear from behind you in the lower right corner, along with another five ships in the lower left corner. They rise up to the opposite corner, and then turn around and return along the same path.

Boss: Binzubean[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 10 boss.png

Once a generic obstacle in the original game, the Binzubean is back in it's only appearance in the sequel as a boss. The Binzubean is only vulnerable when it opens a hatch to shoot at you. It flies in from the distance and sweep the lower portion of the screen. You must rise to the top of the screen to avoid getting hit. Then it retreats and quickly returns to sweep the top portion of the screen, forcing you to drop to the bottom. After that, it retreats and comes back only half way. It opens a hatch to shoot at you, and this is your only opportunity to shoot at it and destroy it. It doesn't take a lot of shots and can be done on the first round.