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Hot Palace is actually a fairly slow moving stage, which is good because it throws a large number of indestructible pillars at you which you must dodge. While enemies appear and attack you, there are portions of the stage where you are confronted with walls of pillars with only one gap in it that you are forced to fly through if you wish to survive. If you anticipate these walls early enough, you may be able to fly all the way around them, but don't count on that every time.

Space Harrier II Stage 12.png
  • Three red Gidora demons fly in from the distance, zig zagging their way across the stage as they approach. Three more red demons will appear behind them. Eventually, two green demons will appear on either side of the screen and fly up and down as they get closer to you.
  • A pair of Neo Tomos will appear from behind you, shoot at you, get closer and shoot again before retreating. A second pair will appear very shortly after the first.
  • Three ghost Armors will drop down from the sky in the distance, and move around the screen as they get closer to you. Another set of three Armors will appear after the first set.

Boss: Cthugha[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 12 boss.png

The boss of Hot Palace is a flame dragon known as Cthugha. If you chose an early stage as your first stage, then you'll likely recognize this enemy as a copy of Blizzard, the boss of Yees Land. The strategy will be exactly the same as before: Dodge the rings that Cthugha fires as you make your way down to the lower left corner, and pelt Cthugha with shots as you rise towards the upper right corner along with it. Keep setting yourself back up to rise from the lower left to the upper right whenever Cthugha begins to retreat, and you should be able to chip away at him until it is defeated.

If you chose Stuna Area as your first stage, then you will proceed to the Final Stage of the game. Otherwise, you will loop around to Stuna Area, and you will have to continue completing stages until only the Final Stage remains.