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Stuna Area is considered the first stage of the game, although you can select any area that you like to start off in. As the first stage, it is the easiest. The only enemy that you will encounter are the Mukadensu MK II, an upgraded version of the Mukadensus from the first Space Harrier game. They fly through in various formations, shooting energy rings at your current location. Keep moving, and blast the plants and trees for extra points. This stage also features a mini-boss before the actual boss battle, a throw back to Skyra, the boss of the first stage in the original game.

Space Harrier II Stage 1.png
  • After running or flying through the stage for a bit, five Mukadensu MK II ships will appear from behind you in the lower right corner, fly up to the upper left corner, and then reverse course and exit back out through the lower right corner. Another five ships will do the same thing, but from the lower left to the upper right and back.
  • Six ship, three on the left and three on the right, will appear off in the distance, fly in low to the ground, and the lift off the ground and retreat into the distance. Six more ships, three on the left and three on the right, will appear high in the distance, swoop down, and veer off to the sides of the screen.
  • Five ships will appear from the lower right corner and fly into the distance into the upper left. They are immediately followed by five more ships appearing from the lower left and flying into the upper right.
  • Three ships will appear high in the distance, from the left, center, and right, converge in the middle and split apart as they get close.
  • Three ships will appear from the distance on the right, loop around a few times as the get closer, and fly past you through the lower left corner. Three more ships will appear in the distance on the left and do the mirror image of the previous group.
  • A green dragon reminiscent of the first boss of the original game will now fly into view. His official name is Puchi Skyra (puchi is Japanese for small). He will float from the back to the front and back again, shooting rings at you as he approaches. He will only go back and forth twice before disappearing. Even if you don't manage to defeat him, you will proceed to the boss.

Boss: Trimuller[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 1 boss.png

Trimuller is a giant floating three headed turtle. It has a very basic form of attack. It approaches you with its heads drawn into its shell, shooting fireballs at you. When it gets close, it holds still, and all of the heads pop out briefly. This is your only opportunity to attack, so shoot the heads as much as you can before it starts to pull them in and go floating around for a while again. Focus on one head at a time, attempting to destroy at least one each time Trimuller stops. Once it's defeated, you'll advance to the next stage.