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Yees Land introduces a number of new enemies, including the jellyfish-like Rageref, the clam-like Ballshells, the dark harriers known as Cyborgmen, and the giant leaping Froggers. This stage has a ceiling that covers the sky and resembles the floor. Don't let the visual effect distract you. The stage is essentially broken up into three different parts, each with their own signature enemy.

Space Harrier II Stage 3.png
  • In the first portion of the stage, you must run past indestructible pillars that look like they have starfish on top of them. As you run past them, you will begin to encounter Rageref, which look like jellyfish floating in the air. The majority of Rageref are motionless, but the last few you encounter will actually pursue you when you get close enough.
  • In the next phase, the pillars will be replaced by low-lying clams known as Ballshells. They are very easy to eliminate. Along with the clams, you will face off with six Cyborgmen. Three appear first on the right, and then three more appear from the left. They appear from behind you, turn around to shoot at you, and retreat into the distance.
  • The clams will continue, but now you will be faced with fireball-shooting Froggers. Three will appear in the distance from the left, cross over to the right, and leap towards you. Three more will appear and perform the mirror image motion. This is followed by six, three on each side, who do the same attack simultaneously. Finally, six Froggers will appear from behind you, three on each side, and retreat off into the distance.

Boss: Blizzard[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 3 boss.png

The boss of this stage is a dragon known as Blizzard. Blizzard is much faster than the dragon you encountered near the end of Stuna Area. However, it does move in a very repetitive and predictable pattern. As it approach you, it shoots energy rings at you as it moves down into the lower left corner. Then it begins its retreat back to the upper right. Your strategy should be to dodge the rings on your way down to the lower left corner, and pelt Blizzard with shots as you rise towards the upper right corner with Blizzard. The come down the right side of the screen and across the bottom to set yourself back up for the next attack. Little by little, you'll do enough damage to turn Blizzard different colors before ultimately destroying him.