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Core Functions[edit]

Control Action
F1 Help
F2 Sound On/Off
F3 Repeat Line
F4 See Object
F5 Save Game
F7 Restore Game
F9 Restart
Tab Inventory
Esc Menu
Ctrl+J Joystick
Alt+Z Quit


In Space Quest II, the player can walk horizontally and vertically as well as diagonally. Diagonal controls are important as some areas are ridiculous or even impossible without them.

The controls are such that when Num Lock is disabled, the numeric keypad controls the direction, as shown in the following table:

Control Action
7 Home Up-left
8  ↑  Up
9 PgUp Up-right
4 Left
5 Stop
6 Right
1 End Down-left
2  ↓  Down
3 PgDn Down-right

Pressing a direction while already moving in that direction stops the player. This is useful for precise control.

Game Speed[edit]

There are four speed options: Fastest, Fast, Normal, Slow. It is recommended to use Fast speed for most of the game. Slow speed should be used for precise movement during certain sections, such as the root monster maze.

Event Keys[edit]

Some parts of the game require pressing a certain key. For example: "F6 to exit this screen".