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This page contains all known effectively distinct deaths in Space Quest 2. It does not have to be a literal death; any event which causes a game over is noted. Unwinnable situations which are not game over do not count.

Xenon Orbital Station 4[edit | edit source]

How to die What happens
Outside the station, walk off the platform. You fall off the station.
Walk out of the locker room with the space suit on. The boss fires you.
Fall off the yellow platform when it is raised. Obvious

Labion[edit | edit source]

How to die What happens
Walk into the trap (the square with the broken-lined outline). You fall in and die.
Touch the giant mushrooms. The mushroom eats you. Then it smiles. Then the game taunts you.
North of the crash site, don't hide when the hovercraft comes The hovercraft shoots you into powder.
North of the crash site, climb tree . You are stuck on the tree and insects eat you, leaving a skeleton.
Touch the root monster. You are wrapped up in a tentacle and the root monster's head comes over to eat you. Then it returns.
Go further into the swamp without rubbing berries on body. The swamp monster grabs you and pulls you under.
Either dive in the swamp (not hold breath ) and run out of air, or just take too long and run out of air. You run out of oxygen and die.
Walk into the chasm where the log bridge is. Obvious.
On the log bridge, stand or press a direction other than or You lose your balance on the log and fall off.
East of the log bridge, walk off the upper-left side. You fall, but without doing the silly falling animation.
Without the spore, call hunter twice. The hunter smashes you, grabs you, and roasts you over the fire.
Call hunter twice and do nothing. Same as previous, except there is an extra message and it takes longer.
Take too long to escape after knocking out the hunter. The hunter gets back up. The rest is the same as previous.
Walk too close to the landing tower at the cliff. A hovercraft comes and shoots you into powder.
At the cliff overlooking the landing tower, walk off the cliff. ...
Tie rope to stump , then climb down to the end of the rope. You suddenly fall, along with the rope and stump.
On the rope, press any direction other than  ↑  or  ↓ . You fall off.
Go too far down the rope. You fall off, but with a different message.
Press  F6  or let go when the rope is not close to the ledge. You fall straight down.
Wait too long after swinging. The beast grabs you and eats you.
Walk off the ledge after making the jump. ...
Walk through the cave without using the gem. You are destroyed by a "killer Cave Beaver".
Reach the Pinkunz Area without saving the Pinkunz earlier, and try to walk south. The Pinkunz creatures, who just stand there, stone you to death.
Do nothing after entering the cave maze. Looks like the Cave Squid is ready to eat you. In the dark.
Walk into the dead end where the Cave Squid is, and turn back. The Cave Squid eats you.
Fail to swim in the direction of current for too long. You are exhausted and disappear below the water.
Take the left fork and go forward a bit. You fall off the waterfall, complete with visual screams.
Get caught by the Labion Terror Beast. You are converted into multicolored powder.
Let the guard see you. You are shot to powder.
Call guard, except when under the tower when he is patrolling. Same as previous, but with different messages.
Throw rock at guard , except when under the tower when he is patrolling. Same as previous, but with different messages.
Get guard to leave to the south, then follow him. You die, along with the sound it makes when you are pulverized.
On the landing tower, go back down the elevator. There are some guards, and they want to kill you...
Fall off the landing tower. ...
After configuring the ship properly, push throttle or press  ↑ . Message only, telling you that you crashed the ship.

Vohaul's Asteroid[edit | edit source]

How to die What happens
Fall off the platform where you arrive. ...
Fall off the platform near the elevators. Different message.
Touch the floor waxer. The floor waxer flattens you.
Get close to the furry hands at the cage on the fifth floor. The hand pounds you into the ground.
Let the Alien kiss you, then continue until the part before you enter the escape pod. A small Alien bursts out of your system.
Use lighter in the fourth floor washroom. KABOOM, plus game taunts you.
Fall in the pool of acid. You die. Is that not surprising?
Put plunger on wall too early. You lose your grip and fall in the acid.
Touch a wallbot. Wallbot turns you into powder.
Let a wallbot touch you after setting off the sprinkler system. Same as previous, except for an extra message.
Fall off Vohaul's platform or the stairs. (Note that you can fall off even at the very bottom of the stairs).
Take too long after being trapped in the glass. You run out of air and die.
Fall off the platform after you are miniaturized. ...
Walk toward the keyboard before you kill Vohaul. A hand smashes you.
Type reduce in the keyboard, then re-enter the glass. You virtually cease to exist.
Take too long to stop the clone launch. Message only, saying that life is now hopeless.
Walk down the glass tubes without wearing a mask, until the glass cracks. You run out of air and die.
Take too long to escape the asteroid. Message only, saying the asteroid burned up with you.
Let the droid touch you. Get fried.
After escaping, wait too long to enter the sleep chamber. You run out of oxygen and disappear.

Alternate Ending[edit | edit source]

Only occurs in version V2.0F.

If you make it into the sleep chamber at the end without stopping the clone launch, you get an extra message at the very end. Otherwise, the game ends as normal.