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Shuttle Bay[edit | edit source]

Vohaul's Asteroid

The elevators are to the left and right. There are four floors, numbered one, three, four, and five. Floor one is the shuttle bay floor and the other three floors are storage room floors.

  • Do not go down the shuttle bay stairs until you have everything you need.

Items: The Gathering[edit | edit source]

Note: You can collect the items in any order here.

As you exit your ship, walk one screen to the right, and enter the elevator. Press three to take the elevator to the third floor. Walk three screens to the right. Press button , enter the closet and take plunger . [1] Return to the elevator (walk three screens to the left). Press four to get to the fourth floor.

Walk two screens to the right, and press button to enter the washroom. Walk to the only available stall and open door . Although you may wish to close door , sit and perhaps read wall , you need to take toilet paper . [1] Exit the bathroom, and continue one screen to the right. Press button as before, and take glass cutter . [1] Return to the elevator (three screens to the left). Press five

On the fifth floor, walk two screens east, and press button as before. Pick up coveralls and take lighter . [1] Last but not least, take basket . [1] Return to the elevator, and press one .

Avoid the Waxer

A waxer may appear randomly on floors three and four. Touching it will result in death.

  • Run away from the waxer.
  • Enter any door or elevator, and wait until the waxer passes by.
Avoid the Alien

It is not recommended to enter the third screen from the left elevator (second from right) on the fifth floor. Otherwise, the Alien will be released and may appear randomly on floors three, four, and five. Being kissed by the Alien will result in death later in the game.

  • Run away from the Alien.
  • Enter either the fourth floor washroom or an elevator.
  • If in an elevator, immediately go to a different floor.
  • Do not enter storage rooms.

Towards Vohaul's lab[edit | edit source]

After returning to your ship, take the stairs down. Walk right, and a wall will drop from the ceiling. Walk left, and another wall will block your movement. To make matters worse, you will notice that the floor will shift leftward, opening a vat of very deadly acid. Type in put plunger on wall but do not execute it yet. Wait until the trap is almost completely open. Then execute the command [10], and wait for the floor to restore itself to normal [10]. Let go and Roger will drop back to the floor. You are now free.

In order to defeat the robotic security forces, put paper in basket [1] and put basket on floor [1] Light paper will trigger the sprinklers, putting electronic devices out of commission [10]. Walk two screens right to meet Sludge Vohaul.

Vohaul[edit | edit source]

Vohaul's Lab

Approach Sludge's desk, and he will use his ShrinkRay to capture you. Approach the southern wall of the glass jar, and use glass cutter to free yourself [5]. Now, approach the vent on the left side of the screen, and climb vent . Inside, move towards the red button on the northern wall, and press button [10]. Return to the vent, and climb vent once again.

As Vohaul dies, he starts the clone launch. You have 10 minutes to stop the clone launch, and the time runs on game speed rather than real time. It is not recommended to use Fastest here. Walk one screen to the left, and approach the on/off switch. Pull switch to turn the computer on. Approach the keyboard, and type enlarge . Return to the glass jar to return to your normal size.

To stop the clones, you will need Vohaul's security code. Search Vohaul will give it to you: SHSR. Go to the flashing screen, look screen and type in the code: "SHSR" (although "TITS" also works) [10]. Good, you have now saved everyone again. Exit the screen via the narrow staircase to your right (use  PgUp ).

Escape[edit | edit source]

You have 45 real-time minutes to escape (very long time). Inside the glass tube, approach the red box, and take oxygen mask [2]. Wear mask immediately. Follow the tube to the right and then south. As you find yourself inside another hallway, type in press button and walk four screens to the left.

Is an alien bursting out of your body? You shouldn't have let the Alien kiss you.

There are three ways to enter the pod:

  • On Slow speed, approach the button and execute the prepared command. As fast as you can, center Roger on the pod and enter go pod [10].
  • Approach the button and execute the prepared command. Move to the right while the droid chases you until you pass a narrow archway to the blue walkway. Go back with enter pod typed in. When you reach the pod, execute the command [10].
  • Approach the button and execute the prepared command. Move to the right while the droid chases you while typing press button . Execute the command on the door that got you into this hallway (the glass tube section). Enter the glass section and go back down. Now the droid is on the right side. Go left with enter pod typed in. When you reach the pod, execute the command [10].

Now that you are in the pod, press button to escape the asteroid.

Congratulations… almost. Seems that death is in your destiny after all. Look ship . Move to the sleeping chamber in the top-right corner of the escape pod, open chamber and enter chamber [10].

Congratulations! You've now completed Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge.