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The story so far[edit]

As you recall, in out last chapter you had just foiled the Sariens' fiendish plot to rule the galaxy by using the 'Star Generator' as their weapon of destruction. You became a true hero by saving countless lives and returning the Star Generator technology into safe hands.

Life was Beautiful.

But, heroes come and go, and people soon forget. Your celebrated "hero-dom" slowly fades, leaving you once again a janitor.

The promotion to head janitor was no consolation. (Especially since you are the ONLY member of the janitorial staff.) Nor was the transfer to the 'Xenon Orbital Station 4'. Sweating like a pork-beast in a pressure suit, while relocating space debris in zero gravity, just wasn't your idea of a good time.

So, Life Sucks.....Again.

Using the guide[edit]

For a spoiler-free walkthrough, see Hints.

This guide will highlight entered commands, such as take keycard . For the summary of commands needed to complete Space Quest II, please see the Command Line Walkthrough.

Since Space Quest II (like many other Sierra On-Line Adventures) utilizes a point system, the walkthrough will provide every action necessary for scoring the maximal amount of points. The guide will also note if the action is optional or not (if you don't mind not getting full points). The point value per action will appear in square brackets immediately following the description of your action, like this: [0]

The guide is not spoiler-free but will cover the game in order to minimize the effect of spoilers. The only exceptions to this are possibilities of creating a situation when one cannot beat the game and is not informed until later. Such possibilities are covered out of order as a warning.

Saving your game[edit]

Although this guide does not explicitly tell you to save your game, it is imperative that you save often. Think of saving as part of the gameplay. Save early, save often, and don't overwrite saves. Saving is initiated by pressing F5. You have a limit of 12 saves per folder, but don't let that stop you from making as many saves as you need.

Should you die in this game, you can restore a game by pressing F7 and selecting the game. Or you can restart the game by pressing F9.

Naming your character[edit]

When you first start the program, you can name your character what you want, so long as it is 18 characters or less and doesn't have a % or / sign in it. By default, the character's name is "Roger Wilco".

Once a game has a name attached to it, it cannot be changed. To start a game with a new name, quit and restart the program.