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Astro Chicken
Sq3 ac icon.png

An innocent-looking arcade machine inside Monolith Burger contains an important plot element along with one of the most frustrating moments of the game. Although Astro Chicken may requires a little bit good old "hand-eye coordination," it is nothing to be scared of.

Dukem Nukem Robots
Sq3 dnr icon.jpg

The final showdown with evil Elmo Pug on Pestulon can be incredibly frustrating, and is capable of wearing out your F5 and F7 keys rather quickly. Although you may be convinced that the only way towards victory is pure luck, you might want to read on.

Space Battle
Sq3 sb icon.jpg

Although not the hardest one of the three, your "action-packed" escape from Pestulon can be a little confusing. In fact, you are required to play this one "by-the-book." Luckily for you, we happen to have that very book.