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Overview of Ortega

After the landing wear underwear before exiting your ship. [10] Walk south and one screen west. Cross the unstable bridge to exit on the bottom of the screen. You will arrive at the Pirates' research site. Remain in the background until both men leave. Once they are gone, approach the spyglass on the left, and look in the telescope. [10] Approach the green box next to the pole and take detonator. [10] Pick up the pole as well. [10] Walk two screens to the right, and walk two more screens north. Take the stairs to the left to descend into the background, and move east. Climb the ladder. On top, carefully approach the edge and throw detonator. [20]

Take the ladder back down and hurry back to your ship. North of the research site, the unstable natural bridge is no more. Use pole to jump and you will find yourself on the other side. [20] Return to your ship and take off. Scan thrice to set course to Pestulon.

The Key to Pestulon