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Overview of Phleebhut

First off, search the cushion to find seven buckazoids. [10] Look at the screen to be taken to your computer. 2 will take you to the navigation system. Scan twice 1, to locate the planet of Phleebhut in sector 39. Press 2 to set course, and select Light Speed 5 to proceed. Once a flashing message attracts your attention, look at the screen again and press 3 to land on the desert surface of Phleebhut.

Stand up and exit. After a cutscene, walk one screen north, and two screens west. Proceed towards the monster. Walk inside World O' Wonders to meet Fester Blatz and sell gem. [8] Time to shop: buy orat ([5]), buy hat ([5]), and buy underwear ([5]). [15] Exit.

Outside, you are caught by Arnoid. There are two solutions to destroying Arnoid. Note that although both of them are listed below, only one of them (The "Hard" Way) will yield all the points necessary to achieve perfect score.

Sq3 scorpionstrategy.png
Avoid Scorpazoids:
  • Leave the screen immediately
  • Return to the screen you just left
  • Do the above each time you see one
Sq3 festerstrategy.png
Selling the Gem:
  • Say "No" to Fester's first two offers
  • Say "Yes" the only time he offers ¢425
  • Warning: 425 Bucks is a one-time deal

Killing Arnoid: The "Hard" Way[edit]

Know Where To Run
Destruction, Illustrated

"Just Press Enter"

In this solution, you will utilize little pulsating pods on the screen to the left of your ship. This can be fairly difficult and frustrating. It is recommended that you save your game multiple times when attempting this.

Walk south, east, and south again. Remain in the background of the next screen until you see Android's footprints in the sand, and walk one screen to the right. (You should find yourself next to your spaceship.) Do not approach the entrance. Instead, walk around the green plant below you and return to the previous screen (See Know Where To Run). Follow the trajectory path drawn on the screenshots to ensure your success. [45]

His invisibility belt is our next concern, so pick up belt with orat. [35] The appropriate position of Roger is shown below. Walk one screen to the right to return to your ship.

Killing Arnoid: The "Easy" Way[edit]

"Just Press Enter"

Please note that this solution will leave you 35 points short of the complete score.

Begin by walking one screen left. Enter the doorway, walk to the service elevator, and press button. On top, there are two hooks, and a machine. Walk up the stairs, and position yourself behind one of the two hooks (the bottom-most one is definitely easier to get to). As soon as you get upstairs, Android will appear, and approach you. To kill him, simply push pulley (typing push hook won't work). (See screenshot for appropriate positioning.)

Walk to Arnoid's remains and pick up the belt. Return to your ship (from the main entrance to Fester's World O' Wonders, walk south, east, south, east.)

After Killing Arnoid[edit]

Inside the Aluminum Mallard, sit and look at the screen. Turn on the engines 1, and Takeoff 3. Once you're back in space, look at the screen again, and use the Navigation System 2 to set course for Monolith Burger. Select Light Speed 5.