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Roger going up

The game begins with Roger Wilco's rude awakening inside a large Garbage Freighter. Walk south and then east. You will see a garbage transporter working on your right. Stand directly underneath it to be picked up. [5]

Warp Motivator Pickup

You will be raised to a conveyor belt. As soon as you see Roger riding towards his immediate death, stand up and jump. [10] (Screenshot) Two screens to the left, you will see the droid from the intro hard at work, and an odd contraption attached to the pipe you are standing on. Walk towards the lime-green siren light, and climb down. Press left to go around the pipe-bend and continue right (due to the reversal of direction) onto next screen. On the next screen, position yourself as in the figure below (Warp Motivator Pickup), and press button. [15]

Warp Motivator Installation

After obtaining a Warp Motivator, travel two screens east, and go around the bend. Stop in proximity to the location shown in the figure below (Warp Motivator Installation), and press button once again. [15] This will install the Warp Motivator.

Ride three screens west (you are going to where you found your transport), and stop next to the middle protrusion, upon which you can stand. Walk south to send Roger flying down a garbage chute. [5] Move towards the left side of the new room, as shown in the figure below, and pick up reactor. [10]

Reactor Location Exposed
Ladder Feng Shui

The lights will die. Move towards the ladder, and climb. You will find yourself back on the surface. (Remember this location) Walk north to your crashed pod and take a right. Walk east into the tunnel, and attempt to cross it. A rat will drop from the ceiling and retrieve the stolen reactor. After the cutscene, pick up wires that are hanging there (the only ones you can pick up are the left-most pair). [5] Backtrack to the bottom-left corner of the screen south of your crashed pod and climb back down. Walk left towards the reactor once again, and take reactor. Return to the ladder, and climb. Before continuing on, pick up the ladder. [10]

Giant Robot Face

Walk north and continue to the walk east until you are out of the pipe. Walk over to the giant robot face on lower-left and climb. [5]

In order to access the ship, use ladder at the position is shown in Ladder Feng Shui, and climb. [5] Move a quarter-inch to the left, and enter ship. [10]

Once inside, use reactor [5], and then use wires [5]. Sit in your pilot's chair, and look at the screen. Turn on your radar 7, and start your engines 1. Takeoff 3, yet you will be warned of the freighter around you. Start up your weapons system 8. Put up front shields F, and press Space to fire... [25]