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Navigation commands
W or 8 Turn downwards
X or 2 Turn upwards
A or 4 Turn left
D or 6 Turn right
C or 3 Roll ship clockwise
Z or 1 Roll ship counter-clockwise
S or 5 Stop rotation
= or + Accelerate
- Decelerate
Ctrl+E Switch between Cruise Flight and Newtonian Flight
Display commands
T [T]arget base or ship with Target Acquisition System (the "Targeter")
Ctrl+T Switch between two [T]argeter modes: data or graphics
N Go to [N]avigation control screen
V Switch between camera [V]iews: cockpit, cinematic, chase
Battle commands
Spacebar or 0 Fire ready weapon
R Get a new weapon [R]eady
L Switch between manual and automatic [L]aser fire
G [G]ive up, i.e. try to surrender
J [J]ettison all cargo (get more speed and try to flee)
Utility commands
Esc Pause game
Ctrl+S [S]ave game (in space only)
Ctrl+J Switch between keyboard and [J]oystick control
Ctrl+X Switch between keyboard and Mouse control
Ctrl+Q [Q]uit game