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The Card Input System is just one of Spectrobes' unique features. Once you have unlocked the system, you can use the system to input data from the cards that you got packaged to get the certain Spectrobe, Custom Part, Cube or Mineral. Below is a list of available cards and their codes. Note that there are no buttons that indicate where you push, since you are supposed to put a card on top of the screen and poke your stylus through the holes in the card. Here is a map of where to push to enter in the codes:

1 2
3 4


Codes Effect Notes
2134 DAL Aobasat Apex
3412 HCI Cyclone Geo Must beat game
1243 AHE Danaphant Tuska
4123 CHK Danilob
2134 BGJ Emerald Mineral Can only be used 4 times
1243 BED Grilden Biblad
3412 IDG Grildragos Drafly
2134 AFJ Gristar Custom Part for Grilden
1243 AHD Hammer Geo Must beat game
4123 EHI Harumitey Lazos
3412 DAG Ice Geo Must beat game
1243 ECD Inakaflare Auger Great corona Spectrobe
1243 CHL Inkalade Custom Part for Inkaflare
1243 KDA Iota Cube Unlocks Incubator Terrain
3412 DIF Komainu
4123 HKA Kugaster Sonara
2134 FIH Mossax Jetspa Custom Color 1
1243 AFI Naglub Custom Part for Naguryu
2134 GHA Plasma Geo Must beat game
2134 LJE Rho Cube Unlocks Color Awakening
3412 BGK Ruby Mineral Can only be used 4 times
1243 KEH Samukabu
2134 HDI Samurite Voltar
1243 BFK Sapphire Mineral Can only be used 4 times
3412 GED Segulos Propos
3412 CGL Seguslice
4123 IHG Shakor Bristle
3412 LIH Sigma Cube Unlocks Multiplayer
2134 DEI Spiko
4123 HEB Tau Cube Unlocks WFC
4123 IAH Thunder Geo Must beat game
4123 AEJ Vilagrisp Custom Part for Vilamasta
2134 JHI Vilakroma Red
3412 HFE Vilakroma Custom Color 1
4123 ACL Vilakroma Custom Color 2 (Gold)
1243 ICL Windora
4123 ADC Windora Custom Color 1
3412 FLI Windora Custom Color 2 (Green)
2134 ELC Windora Ortex
1243 ILD Windora Ortex Custom Color 1
4123 ICD Windora Ortex Custom Color 2 (Dark Green)
3412 LAK Windora Sordina Red
2134 IKD Windora Sordina Custom Color 1
1243 HAJ Windora Sordina Custom Color 2 (Green)
4123 IJL Wing Geo Must beat game