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Follow the waypoint to the award ceremony for a scene, after which you gain control of Miles Morales, the son of Jefferson Davis. Walk past the panicked citizens and into a busted store window, to the left of the rubble blocking your path forward. Walk through the store, vaulting over the rubble and crawling under the car in your path, to find your way back outside. Approach the paramedic here and help him free Miles' mom by pressing Square button rapidly. Following the scene, Miles is standing directly in front of a structure that he can climb. Continue to climb upward until you come upon a steel rod, which Miles can walk out onto, giving him a good view of a tense situation.

Avoid the Demons' flashlights when sneaking past them.

Crawl through the busted car to the right. Miles will receive some unsettling interruptions along the way, but makes it to the other side nonetheless, where a large group of Demons can be found. One Demon to the right of Miles doesn't notice his presence, so wait as he walks away before following him along the path to the right. Some Demons will occasionally shine their flashlights in your direction, so make sure to use the decent amount of cover available to your advantage. Keep following the Demons to the right, making sure to keep your distance so as to not alert them, until they take a left turn toward their colleagues. Instead of turning with them, continue along the path, onto a pile of debris that looks like a ramp. Climb onto the car and walk along the steel rod; the Demons won't notice Miles above them, so feel free to take your time before dropping off on the other side.

Demons Emerge
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Demons Emerge
Complete Act 1

Getting to the next waypoint can be a little tricky, seeing as there are many Demons roaming around and there isn't much cover that you can use to hide from them. Wait until the Demon in your path passes by and stops waving his flashlight, then vault over the cover and to the right. There should be one more Demon wandering around the waypoint, so wait until his back is turned before approaching. This is the last waypoint, so finding cover isn't necessary.

A lengthy scene concludes the mission and the first act of the game.